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Saturday, June 25, 2011

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  • sanjay02
    11-12 07:52 PM
    Did Any one with Sept 12th 2007 recpt date got AP? Please let me know.

    I got my EAD and fingerprints and still waiting for my AP.
    Edit/Delete Message

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  • sweet23guyin
    03-09 01:48 AM
    Question is what happens if I decide to withdraw the H1b App
    Or just change the job .. will then still then keep RFE alive?
    If my employer won't give the wage reports etc. today.. he's definitely not going to give me that even in future then..

    'GC_ASP' is trying to say, "USCIS may open ur I140 and send an RFE for ability to pay..."

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  • desi3933
    02-10 06:49 PM
    I have a question regarding use of EAD and living in Canada

    My scenario
    Currrently, I work on H1-B and am living in Canada (I cross US-Canada border everyday)
    I am also a Canadian Citizen and used that to cross border everyday. So, far I never used the EAD

    I recently got laid off, and planing on using my EAD for my next employment.

    Once I start using the EAD, can I still live in Canada and work in US.
    Is it necessary to live in US if one starts using EAD?

    Did you file for I-485? If so, what is the address mentioned in the I-485 application? If it is US address, then you should be residing at that address.

    I-485 application indicates that beneficiary is residing in the USA and applying for adjustment of status.

    Not a legal advice.
    US Citizen of Indian Origin

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  • ganguteli
    03-16 02:07 PM
    stupid comments considering one could say the same about IV if looking at it from the perspective of some of the posts here.

    If you have nothing nice to say, maybe saying nothing may be the nicest thing. Sometimes links like this are actually very useful - especially to people coming here for the first time (or first few times)

    You can do hero worship of your lawyer whoever it is. I will not.
    Ask him/her if he will do advocacy effort for you or sue USCIS since all his clients are struggling in the long wait and spending a lot of money on immigration consultations, fees etc.

    Ask him if he contribute to IV instead?

    Ask him to give you priority instead of your employer who gives him business every year.

    Ask him why AILA is not giving you regular updates through him. As clients of lawyers we should get regular updates and prompt responses. What are they doing about country caps removal, end of retrogression, recapture etc. I mean they are so powerful, so why can't they do it for us so that we no longer need lawyers and save a lot of money? Arn't we all spending thousands of $s on immigration attorneys ? and only few of us pay only $25 and many are free members and get such a good service from IV website. We all hate to pay a single dollar to IV and accuse IV core of asking contributions every time there is a drive but IV still helps us. They need to learn from us.

    Why none of us has the courage to do it, but we have the courage to trash talk IV and blame its core for not working hard enough for our $25.


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  • JunRN
    09-17 08:05 PM
    NSC is following FIFO. As per , NSC is adjudicating June 15 EAD filers as of the moment. So approximately, it will take 90 days from RNs for us to receive our EAD. However, this doesn't take into account surge in July filings. So, my best guess is, 90 to 120 days!

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  • pmb76
    05-22 05:23 PM
    Why don't you find someone who is in similar situation ? i.e. who is on EAD or on H1. There several websites that can help you : shaadi.com, jeevansathi.com, bharatmatrimony.com. Now I'm not endorsing these sites. Just providing you with some options you can look at. Man accept it - life is tough. We have to play the hand we have been dealt. Also remember one more important quote:
    No one dies a virgin - Life screws us all.


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  • mzdial
    June 7th, 2004, 10:58 PM
    Neither of these are SLR's unless I'm mistaken. To hit the price range you are after -- you are looking at the Nikon D70 or the Canon 300D. It appears that you are looking at the P&S that are 8mp, keep in mind that the 6mp crop of dSLRs here mentioned above will get a higher resolution and better ISO range, which can help you always indoors. Definately enough for your 11x17 print desires. Those 8mp sensors are using much smaller sensors which by statistic sounds like more, it's not really.

    If you are moving from a P&S and your not familiar with SLR's, this might be a learning experience for you. Is it worth it? Definately.

    I'm Canon biased, but I've heard great things about the D70. I'd check out both and decide which is right for you and the possible future lens purchases.

    -- Matt

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  • cupidking
    06-10 11:42 AM
    Hello ppl, :)
    I'm from the western suburb of Chicago..l'm new to this forum and would like to sign-up / subscribe for the IL Immigration forum.. Please let me know the process involved..

    Thank you


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  • crystal
    02-10 05:06 PM

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  • Leo07
    02-24 08:16 PM
    I agree that we must have a way to weed out anti-immigrants.

    But, that's doable...is it so hard to figure out anti-immigrants when they sign-up & turn-up? :)

    I have seen a similar thing with our other campaign - "File 485 before PD is current". There are some forums spreading negative information about IV and this might be the reason.
    Of course theoretically it is possible to have them participate in these without creating an ID (which is free). We have to verify in some way to avoid antis, maybe ID or bill or some other way.
    We don't want to go to USCIS with 100s of members from numbersUSA or fishing site users.


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  • projectGC2006
    05-24 01:11 PM
    Web Fax Sent and did my first Contribution also.

    Thanks IV

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  • wonderlust
    09-19 10:16 PM
    I was with Swede and the Polish guy at the rally. I myself chose IV over other organization precisely because the diversity and the common ground IV embraces--they represent the true American Dream and the fundation of Democracy.

    The diversity: IV was initially established by a group of Indians, but it has a welcoming attitudes toward anyone who has suffered, is still suffering, and will suffer from the broken system.

    The common ground: IV clearly estabishes that English is the language for the forum (at least the main forum). By setting the language, the IV sends a message of welcome to all who share the American Dream. By including individuals across countries of origin, IV recognizes the nature of the Great Melting-pot and shows that we have the ability to be inclusive, tolerant, and work together on a democratic basis.

    Let's make efforts to mobilize people across countries of origin and work towards success! KEEP IV STRONG!


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  • indusacan
    02-28 10:17 PM
    Can you please help me with this?...I have already submitted the affidavit copy and now they want it from Registrar office. Has any one got it from registrar office in India? if so, how difficult it is and what is the procedure?

    "A photocopy of a birth certificate issued by the Local Registrar if the person named above was born in a city, or

    A photocopy of a birth certificate issued by the Additional District Registrar�s office if the person named above was born in a village.

    If a birth certificate does not list the names of both mother and father, or the child, secondary evidence must be submitted to establish parentage. Secondary evidence includes, but is not limited to , copies of: medical records, school records, census records, government-issues identity cards, religious records and/or affidavits from at least TWO persons alive at the time of birth. The oldest available evidence that lists the names of both parents should be submitted."

    Thank you!

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  • go_guy123
    04-04 03:25 PM
    IV has been doing a great job, we should all be proud of being a part of it.

    I came across this post (http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showthread.php?t=10316).

    I think we should keep fighting till our goal is met. Can IV core team shed some light whether recapturing the unused visa numbers is ever possible ? Even if there is slightest change, we should NOT GIVE UP and work towards it. I've read that USCIS have so far wasted upto 600,000 EB visa numbers.

    Now we are seeing some light at the end of the tunnel for multi year EAD or EAD validity during the period of AOS(I-485). Should we roll up our sleeves and work for the recapture of unused visa numbers ? How to make this happen, Please share your thoughts and ideas.


    it happened in 2000.....but its always the nurse loby who gets the
    unused visa


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  • qplearn
    08-30 09:50 AM

    Exactly what are you doing here? You raise irrelevant points, just to stall the discussion so that no progress is made. (You were doing the same thing when genscn raised some stupid questions on another thread about the SKIL bill.)

    I think you want to prevent all kinds of immigration, and my suspicion is that you are not an immigrant at all.

    Keep out.


    Are you now on the 'undocumented immigration' thing ? Undocumented is someone who had documents, but lost them. Called them using the correct designation; illegal aliens.

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  • cygent
    04-22 01:29 AM
    Why give me a bad rep? I am not giving out bad reps to anyone. I posted what I felt. Even I am in line since last 8 years.

    Guys, This for sure shows how bad the system is broken. Please Correct me if I am wrong.


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  • InTheMoment
    07-14 09:34 PM
    Mostly what is you said I feel is correct...though the analysis that a specific service center is slow or fast might not. These opinions are practically like a pendulum! That said if you look at recent data on EB2-I approvals you would see there are more approvals at NSC.

    Secondy, even if there are more applications submitted to a NSC or TSC (after the geographic distribution of I-485 filing since Jul 30, 2007). USCIS always redistributes them among the centers to even out the workload depending on the capacity of each center.

    this is mainly due to July VISA Bulletin fiasco and thousands were allowed to apply for their I-485, due to USCIS/DOL July 2007 VB.

    one moe reason lots of Citizenship petitions were also filed in July 2007 to take advantage of old fees structure.

    All countries of chargeability and employment categories were made current, since Dol was frustrated with USCIS's slow processing rate for I-485 and had Dol not made the VB current USCIS would have wasted few thousand VISA numbers as usual.

    Silverlining is that we were all given freedom of using EAD and get new jobs or promotions using the AC-21 provisions...but the long term side effect is the slow moment we are seeing for the processing dates.

    NSC is slow since lots of high tech H1-B employers are from CA and WA states and they applied truck load of I-485 versus the folks in Texas Service centre.

    We are all hoping that once USCIS is out of this naturalization processing pressure before the elections, they would start processing the July-aug 2007 I-485 petitions.

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  • bobzibub
    12-10 12:32 PM
    That if you get six months of a four year driver's license, that you pay 1/8th the cost.

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  • perm
    12-14 09:52 AM
    Registering myself

    07-20 01:16 PM
    Thanks very much for your advice.
    Will try to get the affidavit asap.

    I have to send the original of birth certificate or a copy will do?


    06-23 08:24 AM
    First of all what you want honorable Minister to do. Ask him to talk to US Congress to pass the law so that we get GC faster. Let say he speaks on our behalf. All I see happening is things getting worse rather than getting better. Those who are on the other side of the table will get a point to oppose to those who are supporting us. This is what going to happen. Every provision that is supporting our cause will be opposed by the fact that it has been done under the influence of foreign Government in this case it will be Indian. Organizations like numberusa is vehemently looking for a way to prove that how all pro-immigration provisions are anti-american. So we hand over them the Jackpot.
    Whole idea of involving Indian Minister looks to me like small kids involved in a fight seeking help of their parents to get the issues fixed. Here we are not dealing with neighbors kid. Lets grow up..

    If the minister talks to the US President regarding VISA retrogression problem,How the outside world will come to know ? The discussions will be kept confidential ! I don't think everything will be disclosed to the press. VISA revalidation is another thing he can talk to US Secretary of State.

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