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Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • sravani
    05-17 11:03 AM
    who gets the EAD/AP attorney or applicant at his home address. Please tell me if anybody knows


    EAD and AP belongs to the applicant and Applicant gets them directly.

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  • rogerdepena
    07-18 01:31 PM
    can some of you guys pm me Lou Dobbs-related issues? i'm trying to make a blog entirely focus on Lou Dobbs lies. thanks.

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  • factoryman
    06-29 08:37 PM
    My new theory is the DOS was influenced by politicians who are attorneys (I beleive that there 50% of lawmakers) and it released a huge Visa Numbers. The politicians have strong connections to law firms. The USCIS doesn't want to do it, because it doesn't have 'resources', 'money', 'manpower. So, they are on a near strike mode, not attending routine works like sending receipts., etc in a timely fashion.

    If it is any consoling to you, this is what I posted yesterday at a different thread at IV. Looks like I can re-cycle it today for a larger audience. Click the hyperlink and see the video for yourself.
    A strong case of moronic president, moronic problems?


    Many issues are being swept under the carpet. I had written a few times earlier. The backlog and GC issues are not truly a numbers game. It is the neo-con regime and the republican culture that had engulfed Washington, its consequences, that had made things miserable for us; we, the legal immigrants.

    4/5ths of the illegal immigrants have been here by the time of Clinton's second term. It was a non-issue then. You should understand why is it an issue now? Why can't it the legal and illegal immigration be addressed and solved. In a democracy, things like this can be solved administratively, legislatively and judicially. Adminstratively, we we hit below the belt, in backlogs, in delays, in sudden rule changes (no concurrent filings of PD is not current). Legislatively, they are stalling and falling apart. What is left for the immigrants?

    I had written many times earlier.

    Why should you know? Why should you understand? It is in your own interests that you understand things wisely. Failure to know what is happening on the ground, what is happening around us is a sure shot for personal failure.

    In this connection, see a counter-point on the immigration bill.


    See the Entire Video here (http://media2.foxnews.com/062807/062807_cav_chong2_300.wmv)

    here is my theory.

    DOS and USCIS played a tactical move by making all the visa numbers current in anticipation of the CIR bill so that the legals wont complain to the senators about retrogression.

    Once the CIR went down the drain, they are panicking about the outcome of their tactical error and trying to undo that move.

    Again, just my theory...:confused:

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  • 485Mbe4001
    08-25 12:43 PM
    I agree nobody cares...for now, from experience i can tell you that i have advised most of my juniors to try MS in Australia, they can get an Aussi citizenship faster and most have listened. I am sure i am not the only one saying so, this could and will eventually affect the number of students(and the quality) coming here for MS/Phd etc, agreed that US is still the best place for a post graduation but the visa hassles of getting an EAD/H1/GC is not worth the effort, most of the students coming in will be over the hill in terms of their growth by the time they get the GC, if they get it in the first place...imho. I have had friends in EB1 NIW stuck in a mess for years.
    IF you talk to the kids working in indian companies, most will tell you that they want to come to US for short term projects. Most know the mess that we are in. Sometimes we are so preoccupied with our issues that we are not aware that the world is watching us and learning from our mistakes

    btw:- i did not give you the red dot, if you are offended by it you can email IV about it, they can easily query and find out who gave you the dot. (to the guys who post "anonymous"...it is not as "anonymous" as you think)
    Try that and see what happens. :D :D

    Nobody cares if you stay here or go back.


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  • plp039
    10-06 04:39 PM
    my spouse and i are july 2 filers. our checks got cashed yesterday. the lawyer emailed us all the reciept numbers. however, when i check the status online, it says that "our applications were recieved on october 2nd". our laywer tells us that this is not accurate and once the actual reciepts get to her, she will confirm. we are hoping that oct 2 is just the notice date and they have 2 july as the actual date!
    will update once i have all the reciepts.

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  • mrsr
    06-27 10:33 PM
    I think this what uscis says

    NOTE: If using overnight delivery by any private service provider, send your package to:


    Nebraska Service Center

    850 S Street

    P.O. Box (Insert Correct P.O. Box Number)

    Lincoln, NE 68508

    Be sure to include the appropriate P.O. Box number on the shipping label


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  • hinvin66
    09-20 03:51 PM
    Aapke moon mein ghee-shakkar...:)

    ....availaible, MAY BE MAYBE we get green cards....

    BTW, it's NSC for me as well...

    I am not sure what is happening. When I went to USCIS during Infopass, the officer at the time told me that my case will be looked upon when the notice date comes up.
    MY priority date is april25 2006 and the notice date was 09/18/2007. I didn't believe him. Even I raised the question in one of the forums and other guys shot me down saying the notice date is not important. But now I got an LUD on 09/19/2007 and that was the reason why I raised this question to you as well as HIINVIN66. I am assuming that the applications are looked upon based on the notice dates. If they under EB2, pre adjudcated and visa numbers availaible, MAY BE MAYBE we get green cards. IF not, We have to keep our fingers crossed. Let see what happens.....

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  • Madhuri
    10-31 12:23 PM
    Mailed all 4 letters.


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  • joelly
    05-17 03:30 PM
    I never heard of an RFE for H1b extension. Are u sure that the RFE is not related to your I-140 or I-485?
    H1b extension should be a smooth sail.

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  • l1fraud
    06-09 11:33 PM

    Please refer this document and it will answer your doubt. To be specific L1B resources cannot be deployed in client premises on projects managed and controlled by client (known consulting assignments in technology world). This is just part of the violation. Second... L1B resources cannot be used for general technical skills (java/.net/oracle/production support etc) BUT can only be used for their speciality skills (while processing the L1 visa outsourcing companies shows some internal tools to prove this point). Hope this cleared your doubt, I am pretty sure that now you will be able to find a lot of violations in using L1B resources. L1B resource usage is so common that most of us who are aware of immigrations statuses even doesnt know about this .. forget others including our clients and their managers.


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  • nkavjs
    09-20 02:40 PM
    common.. How they can track? though I did sent flowers.. :)

    Well i am writing to everyone for my case. I don't know it will help. But nothing harm in trying...

    I did sign G-38 (whatever that number is) for attorney. Can I still send email from my end to USCIS, congressmen and all the team requesting explanation on my application?

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  • anurakt
    01-19 11:21 PM
    Godbless, I am sure you can get your post 6 years H-1B extension based on the Cornin and new Aytes memo of 12-5-2006. Can you ask your lawyer whether it is possible to file your H-1B extension after 01/26/2007 but BEFORE June 2007 or it must be filed before the expiry of your parolee I-94? Also, you said the Immigration Officer at the POE did not let you use your H visa but the AP. Is it because you showed him both of your H-1B visa and AP? If you did not show the AP, he would probably let you enter with the H-1B visa, right?

    Sorry for my knowledge but why would anyone need an AP if he has ample time left on H1 ? Is it a rule that after filing I-485 , you have to have an AP to travel ?


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  • addsf345
    11-08 05:42 PM
    I also sent the letters. Just now received a standard form reply which asks me to go to uscis.gov or call the customer service center if I have any questions about my case. It seems that they did not realize that the letter I sent was not about "my" case but about an issue that is affecting everybody. It seems like they did not even read our letters!!

    I am sorry if I am wrong, but do you think if IV CORE try to hold a meeting with top CIS officials on this issue, wouldn't that be more effective? Many members reported not getting proper response to letters. Who knows whether anyone @CIS has time & willingness to read and act on our letters? Why not take an active approach rather than passive one?

    I agree, We still should send the letters though. I will send mine by monday Nov. 10. Meanwhile, if we can do the webfax or email, we may can have more members participate. just my 2 cents!

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  • GCVictim
    08-24 01:50 PM
    I think you need to send an email via vonage account to refer someone and the system automatically gives your account a credit when the other person signs up. Dont know if you can give a phone # and say that MR ABC should get the benefit of 'refer a friend'

    You will. Agent will get info. I did last time over the phone and gave my friend reference. then we both got 2 months free.


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  • jsb
    09-25 10:59 AM
    Thanks much for providing this info..i will be contacting my local congressmen..I need small help..where can i find my A#?

    USCIS declares in weekly updates that actual package receiving date will be recognized as the Receipt date. However, as filings are shuttled between centers in an effort to push work around, when data is entered, a different date appears. This needs to be corrected. Further, as there are still cases not owned by any center, weekly updates are misleading. Each center just reports on what it has accepted to deal with. This needs to be addressed as well.

    I think congressmen should be approached with the larger and collective problem, which is likely to get attention/action. Individual cases just receive standard replies.

    I am a July 2 filer still waiting for an action

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  • funny
    09-15 12:57 PM
    I called all of them last week, I will call all of them today again,
    Is it the same list that we have to call this time around as well or there are some modifications to the list.

    This Thread CAN NOT go down today..... People please keep this thread alive. No "Need Information.." type of questions today unless its really really really important...Lets Keep this Thread on TOP...


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  • gcseeker02
    05-22 12:27 PM

    My name on the birth certificate is "girl". What should I do correct it. I was reading on the forums, that we can get a written statement saying that the name was not decided when I was born. And submit that along with high school mark sheets etc. Are there any other things that could rectify this error.

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  • ndialani
    10-05 02:31 PM
    I m Aug-04, TSC, EB-2 .....still waiting!
    Opened SR 9/5/2009...got letter from CRIS...wait 6 months.
    For my wife , we got 60 days wait letter.
    I m the primary applicant!
    Has anyone ,tried to contact Congressman/Senetor's office?
    How can i do it?
    I m in Orange county, CA.

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  • h1techSlave
    03-25 07:30 PM
    Using the same logic, they can avoid interviewing an African American.

    I think we all should get together and file a class action law suit against those companies.

    Yes, This comes into picture once company decides to hire. Now hiring is teh last process and beofre that you get grilled in multiple interviews. Employer is tsill at liberty not to interview EAD holder. If you are not interviewed, hiring would not come into picture and hence this text of law in I-9 form is worthless for you for that position. This I-9 text will only cover the situation for the period after hiring not before hiring.

    09-21 10:03 AM
    Finally, we got the approval emails for self & wife.

    I had got an email from TSC.Ncscfollowup@dhs.gov last friday (09/17/2010) with the update below-

    1: The review was complete
    2: Visa numbers were requested 2 months ago and all security/prints are current
    3: Files have been forwarded to officers for completion.

    In my case the email to SCOPSSCATA@dhs.gov helped a lot. They in turn sent an email to TSC.Ncscfollowup@dhs.gov to step up the processing.

    As others have mentioned IV has played a big part throughout this journey. Thank you again.

    Congratulations ski_dude. Your long wait is finally over!

    Is it ok to attach documents to these e-mails to TSC?

    09-09 03:42 PM
    guys, i am now in UK and it's night time but trying to call as many as possible.

    also asked friends & family (in US) to start calling.

    can someone PLEASE start a email campaign (Yes, a chain letter) to at least the DESI community.

    This is a great chance for a BIG step forward and many of you have worked VERY hard (which has motivated me also, else i had lost hope).

    God bless!!!

    forgot to mention reasoning ---> not everyone checks (or is able to) website every day but they do check email...and we do not have much time left.

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