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Saturday, July 2, 2011

nematanthus gregarius goldfish plant

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  • caliguy
    10-22 03:31 PM
    @ fatjoe

    I have contacted Napolatino also, like a month back and nothing has happened on my case. I saw LUDs on my case on 09/24 and 09/25 and since then I have not seen any updates. I have tried all methods that are on that link, except for contacting the first lady but I am not sure if that will help. They simply might throw the package in the trash, without even seeing what it has. I posted the link so that everyone knows different ways of contacting USCIS, atleast you feel good if you try everything from your end.

    Where is your case at, is it in TSC or NSC?

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  • boldm28
    09-24 06:48 PM
    Your attorney HAS to reply to your inquiries. It is stated in every State's BAR website. Otherwise, you have right to make a complaint that stays with the BAR records forever. BAR has to publish it to anyone who asks for information about that attorney. Attorneys do not want that.

    We were in a similar situation. We sent an e-mail and left a voicemail saying something like: "In our point of view, a reasonable time for you to reply to our inquiries is 3 business days. If you do not call us and let us know another reasonable period of time for a reply period immediately, we will assume that you will reply to our inquiries and/or let us know the information about our case coming from USCIS in three days".

    I guess we are learning this country's ways.

    This worked very well ;

    Our case:

    i99 - I140/485 concurrent/NSC/July@d/R.Williams/No CC/No RN


    I got my fedex/DHL info from my attorney when i told them i would complain about her to the state BAR association and by the way She/He is already being investigated by the BAR association .. i wont want to give her/his name out but she answers questions on a popular website which starts with state language

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  • legalservice
    10-09 04:45 PM
    I am a july 2nd filer and filed my second application on Aug 15th.
    Now that I have got receipts for July 2nd applications, I have put stop payments on the checks on Aug 15th application.
    My hope is that my 2nd application will not be processed.

    Hi, I'm in the same situation. I was afraid that my July 2nd application may be rejected or misplaced or ... so I filed a second application in August. Do you think that it's safe to put a stop payment on the check for the second application? I consulted an immigration attorney on that and he thought that it may negatively affect the first application if the second one is rejected. The attorney's suggestion was to withdraw the second application once the receipt notice is generated. Is there an option to combine both I-485s? Please, let me know what you think. Thanks, Leo

    Disclaimer: The opinion expressed above is the result of my immigration experience and the consultations with immigration attorneys as provided through legalserviceplans.info; in no way it constitutes legal advice

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  • chanduv23
    01-10 04:35 PM
    Grow-Up guys and gals!!! There is no point I am right and you are wrong fight. Make this effort successful. Take a chill pill. Relax & enjoy the life.

    Who are u referring to


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  • mamit
    02-28 08:32 AM
    Mamit: Take a deeeeeeeeep breath! Good for you that you are dealing with this right at the start of your career. Get all the bad stuff out upfront. I have a family and life to take care of in the US and I am stuck in this crap since Jan 7th. It is extremely hard and frustrating - but there is simply nothing that you can do about it right now. So, relax and wait it out.

    The PIMS stuff is all messed up and iff you have a common name, your lottery for "Security Clearance" may have come. That would significantly add time to it. If this is your first stamping - the chances of rigorous checking is higher - although that is not always the case.

    It is easier said than done - but seriously, let the life take its own course, this too shall pass and soon!

    Good Luck and cheer up!

    Calabor2001, thanks for the moral support and I am sorry to learn about your situation too which, like mine, seems to have become quite an ordeal.

    I did post a question on the other thread today about the Advance Parole (AP). Did you know about it when you left for Delhi? To be honest, I didn't. In fact, for two months I wasn't even going online to research about why I was stuck here, and was hoping my visa was just around the corners. I have posted a question on that thread asking if it was possible to obtain an AP while in India. If it is possible then I can go to Delhi, get my unstamped passport (they did say I could do that when I interviewed with them), and go to US. And when my security clearance is done, all I will have to do is fedex it to VFS in delhi. Let me know if you have any idea about this stuff.

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  • andy garcia
    07-10 07:43 PM
    We all know that IV is not Indian. More Indian!=All Indian. Lets not worry about it and most importantly I request IV members from all countries to ignore it as a reporter mistake as they script stories in their fashion to elicit more coverage. It is almost impossible to edit the story that has been distributed by Reuters/AP. Once its gone, its out of their hands.

    Maybe 80 -90 % Indian.:)


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  • gc_chahiye
    01-24 12:06 PM
    Fly from SFO --> HongKong --> Singapore --> India . No transit visa needed anywhere. Inflight desi food available. Ticket is pricey.

    I would second this. Singapore Airlines is especially good if you are travelling with babies/kids. Its a bit longer than the SFO->frankfurt->India route, but worth it. Also, Changi airport at Singapore is 10 times better than frankfurt for a layover.

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  • shantak
    07-10 10:08 PM
    This is different from reuters


    A Gift From Gandhi
    Frustrated Green Card Applicants From India Use Methods Of Master

    By Xiyun Yang
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Wednesday, July 11, 2007; Page D01

    Shyam Bindingnavale had spent years of anguish in pursuit of permanent residency, so when the government offered him an opportunity to apply for it and then abruptly snatched it away, he was furious and deeply disappointed.

    Bindingnavale, 36, a Gaithersburg resident and financial analyst working here on an H1B visa for skilled technical workers, struck back the most effective way he could imagine: He sent flowers to Emilio Gonzalez, the director of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. So did about 200 other green card applicants, most of them professionals, natives of India and working legally in this country.

    Buy This Photo

    About 200 skilled immigrants sent flowers to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. (By Xiyun Yang -- The Washington Post)

    They did it because that's what Gandhi would have done.

    Yesterday, their bouquets of purple roses, pink lilies and yellow daisies, which cost about $40 each and which were sent from all over the country, piled up on the immigration office's loading dock at 20 Massachusetts Ave. NW, addressed to Gonzalez and stacked in columns taller than people.

    The agency forwarded them to soldiers recovering at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

    "We know the reason behind it and understand the symbolism. We donated them in the same spirit in which they were provided to us," said an agency official who spoke on condition of anonymity because of a lawsuit over the matter filed by an advocacy group.

    The idea for the protest began with the Indian immigration community on the online forum Immigration Voice, a site devoted to issues facing skilled, legal workers seeking permanent residence in the United States. Their method was inspired by Mohandas K. Gandhi, who spent years campaigning nonviolently for India's independence from Britain.

    Green card applicants were given hope on June 12, when the State Department posted a bulletin offering H1B visa holders who had been stuck in a bureaucratic logjam an opportunity to take that last step needed to apply for permanent residency.

    Thousands of engineers, doctors and other educated foreigners began a mad scramble to file their applications before the July 2 deadline.

    Vacations were canceled, and lawyers were called in. Elderly parents in far flung corners of the world stood in line for hours to get copies of birth certificates and immunization records.

    Then, on the day of the deadline, the State Department retracted the bulletin. The USCIS, which processes the applications, said it had already met its 140,000-person annual quota for employee sponsored applicants.

    Those who tried to apply were told they had to wait. Some new applications may be considered again starting Oct. 1, but others may have to wait for years. The wait has become even longer after a surge in green card applications, amplified by a provision in 2001 that allowed undocumented immigrants or immigrants who had overstayed their visas to apply for green cards. The problem was exacerbated by the increased FBI security checks required after the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.


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  • ena23
    04-07 11:41 AM
    May 2011 Visa Bulletin Predictions - EB Category US Non-Immigrants: Home to All Non Immigrants (http:///2011/03/may-2011-visa-bulletin-predictions-eb.html)

    date will move
    EB2-India would see movement till 15 December 2006 (based on EB1 spillover of 12000, half yearly EB2-demand and half-yearly unused EB4 and EB5 numbers).

    EB2-China could advance to 15 December 2006.

    any comments?

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  • gtg506p
    01-09 08:46 AM
    gtg-Georgia Tech alumni?

    Yup. PhD ME Class of 06.


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  • karthiknv143
    06-29 06:43 PM
    Can anyone having access post what is there?

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    11-17 11:39 AM
    I have sent the 4 letters.

    Nice. Guys please keep it up. We need to be consistent and persistent.


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  • ourgcapproved
    08-12 05:48 PM
    appas i sent you a private msg please reply

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  • gcnirvana
    06-16 12:07 PM
    A# is the alien number that is given to the applicant during the GC process. It is either given at 140 approval or at 485. If you have a A# in your 140 approval then you can use that # in all your 485 forms.
    To answer pranju's question, yes its only for primary applicant. You can leave that field as blank for your spouse.

    What is A#?



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  • pd052009
    03-31 03:50 PM
    Do you mean 8K from EB5?

    Very well said.
    Based on 12K/half year, or 12K/year from EB1, say 20K be safe this year from EB1. 7K from EB2 ROW as last year, 8K from EB3, 0 from FB (EB2 get only 10k/4 last year as 10K FB is divided by Eb1/2/3/4), and normal 2.8K for EB2 I/C each (6K total), there are total 41K possibly for EB2 I/C.

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  • lifestrikes
    10-05 10:51 AM
    Apple approved Vonage iPhone App.

    It allows to call India for 7 cents.

    It would be good if they approve Google Voice app.

    Chepcent approach is good if you have internet connection handy. Maybe vonage could have made the iPhone app to be one time fee and have it linked to World Calling Plan.


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  • abhijitp
    07-09 07:02 PM
    I am telling you, this is all great!!. It is working, do not doubt it. It has to be this way for a news story. This makes a great story. Also canceling orders sends wrong messages, we care for the troops fighting for us, Why cancel.

    I think that is a smart response from USCIS. The good news is, it will not backfire the way some people were wondering... and also that the media will cover it.

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  • DesiGuy
    09-13 04:54 AM
    nice link from AILA where you can search based on party/location/sponsor/co-sponsor/non-sponsor, etc


    once you select the option, there is a email link.

    on as side note, only 3 co-sponsors were added in this month, meaning our efforts ARE paying off but need more momentum.

    ofcourse, many reps like to support it but not co-sponsor it.

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  • nk2006
    11-13 12:28 PM
    If clerk is doing this as per instruction means, we are being noticed and that is precisely what we wanted anyways. I don�t think USCIS higher ups have any malicious intent. Whole issue may be due to lack of training of IOs.
    I think we are getting noticed. With Ombudsman's office also, we initially got a very generic response - but now we are getting more specific response and asking us to provide more info. With USCIS officials it might take a bit longer but we need to keep sending letters and they will realize the issue.

    They may not have any malicious intent but if this practise is not brought to their immediate attention it can become more prevalent. Rules surrounding AC21 are confusing and they never got into rule making process. By raising this current issue - we might even get lucky in convincing USCIS to speed up the rule making process of AC21.

    If you havnt yet sent letters - please do send them.

    11-18 12:43 PM
    But my concern is that if we don't give them concrete examples of cases where this has occured, then they will just brush us off as "all talk but no meat".

    va_dude, your concerns are understandable. This issue is real and some IV members got affected by this and came forward to provide some more info. pd_recapturing collected that info. A bunch of volunteers are working in the background to move this forward with concrete proof. In the meantime its important to keep sending letters so they know the concern its raising.

    08-20 06:43 PM
    Lingo was a good service till vonage announced this deal.
    Lingo has 3 cents to India on World plan $21.95/Month.

    Lingo has a 2 year contract. If you leave them before 2 years, need to pay $100 penalty.

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