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Saturday, July 2, 2011

nate dogg rest in peace

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  • Nate Dogg – Rest In Peace 2011

  • nosightofgc
    11-06 09:14 PM
    Quick question -

    What about people with DUI etc? Do they stuck in Name Check Process? I take it the process is different them and they have to go through clerance for Finger Prints.

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  • jungalee43
    10-28 04:23 PM
    Unfortunately these guidelines specified in the memo haven't been adhered to, during processing of I-485’s in cases where the sponsoring employers revoked I-140 petitions.

    Please make this small correction in second paragraph. The "to" in bold is missing.
    Please also post the names and addresses of both California and Vermont service centers as it is not clear who would adjudicate the thousands of I-485 cases they are sitting on.

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  • punjabi
    03-29 09:51 AM
    I didn't see any news like this on the website you mentioned. Can you please share the link?

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  • gcsomeday
    08-22 10:40 AM
    Like others have pointed out, it looks like that the numbers are being allocated in a different way from before. Does any one know of any article or discussion by a real attorney or some expert on what is going on?

    USCIS may be using divide and silence tactics. One can already see the impact of EB2 being as good as current. They probably liked what they saw and are setting up to move back EB3 much more. At this rate EB3 will crawl to death. People will try to jump into EB2 and realignments/adjustments automatically will take place.All good for USCIS.

    But, going back to my original question, what are the legal experts saying? Can any legal entity or any type of action force USCIS to explain what the heck is going on?


    nate dogg rest in peace. Nate Dogg R.I.P.
  • Nate Dogg R.I.P.

  • gc28262
    09-24 05:50 PM
    Good Question. AC21 usage introduces a "Chicken Or Egg" situation. Our limitations 1) Till we interfile we have to show us fulfilling EB3 job calssification related obligations ( that also is a "future" postion in reality). Now if EB2 application is from "same employer" then that employer can logically produce the letter matching EB2 level experience after "real and natural skill progression" only to prove that you are fit for more advanced skill level job in other words after wait for 2-3 years.

    Many of us could be over-qualified for our current EB3 position (after so many years of wait) and is accepting the current position only to strictly adhere to "same/similar" job classification. In that case employer can file a GC for our real qualification i.e. Eb2.

    nate dogg rest in peace. Rest In Peace Nate Dogg!
  • Rest In Peace Nate Dogg!

  • srgadi
    09-13 02:12 PM
    I see soft LUD on my 485 today, but the status has not changed. I had an interview in Jan 2009 and at the end of interview the IO told me that he could not approve my case as it was not current. So I believe my case is pre-adjudicated?

    Someone in the same boat? Hopefully the approval e-mail comes in the next few hours or next week. <<fingers crossed>>

    I see soft LUD again for today, but no update in status.


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  • rajpatelemail
    01-06 10:04 AM
    NKR .. you know what it is all about..

    Looks like all these guys are newbies and do not know the process.
    People who stayed long time or having awareness know the GC/citizenship

    I do not say we can not do anything. But has to be a bit practical & plausible.

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  • Canadian_Dream
    06-29 05:31 PM
    For USCIS isn't the date received that matters not the date postmarked ? Never heard them honoring postmarked date. I could be wrong though !!!

    If its mailed out today, then you are ok. Its the POSTMARKED date that is seen. So even if it reaches there in July, as long as it went OUT today, they will have to accept it under June's batch of applications coz it is postmarked in June (june 29).


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  • nate dogg rest in peace album.

  • samyjani
    01-04 02:26 AM
    Finally, received my passport on the 3rd Jan, 08. Good luck everybody.:)

    Hi All,
    I am on a business trip to Chennai and I was interviewed for my H1-B renewal on Dec 6th 2007, unaware of the PIMS as it was not mentioned anywhere on the website that it will take this long to receive the passport. I was granted my visa within few minutes but till date (Jan 1st, 08) I have not received my passport. Was interviewed at the Chennai consulate. It has been heights of frustration as I had to spend all my Christmas holidays and New years at Chennai with all my fly being in US. I was supposed to return to US on Dec19th had to postpone my tickets to Dec 24th and then to Dec 29th. Now finally I have cancelled my tickets as it was costing me $200 every time I modify my itinerary.The US consulate, Chennai keeps on extending the processing time from 3 to 7 to 10 and it has been 15 working days already now, but still no passport in hand. Last week on Friday (Dec 28th) got an email that it might take additional 7 working days, huh ! Good thing is my company is in Chennai so atleast I can go to work or else it would have been really painful.
    Was anybody else interviewed at Chennai during that black week ??? with similar situation ?
    Good luck everybody.

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  • gcgreen
    08-07 02:01 PM
    but why do you think this is an example of the system being gamed?

    The IT consulting firm or whatever is willing to hire an experienced employee with more than X years experience for a job requiring more than 5 years experience. As long as this employer does everything by the book, and the prospective employee does everything by the book, what is wrong with this? Note that the prospective employee has still waited for about 5-6 years to get his GC, its not as if they are getting it within a year of applying.

    [Note that if the IT firm is taking any money from the prospective employee whatsoever for the labor application, then that is against the labor regulations (at least I think this was part of the new regulations that got rid of labor sub)]

    So where is the gaming? Also, assuming that you are saying the employer is taking money and creating artificial jobs then is this thing not a DoL and labor app problem as opposed to a lawsuit problem? I am confused. Please explain.

    First let me state that I need people like you to proceed and hence I will be happy to answer the points you rasied to the best of my ability:

    We all agree that there is severe backlog. Only way the backlog will alleviate is by increasing visa numbers, which not going to happen any time sooner.
    So some people (and I know around 10 of them) what they are doing is the following:
    They got the chance to file their 485 last July , which is pending. They are contacting several small desi consulting firms to file for their fresh labor in EB2 category. Once their labor is filled and new I-140 is approved, they plan to attach new I-140 to the original 485 and hence effectively convering to Eb2 category but with priority dates in 2002 and 2003 (because original I-140 had that priority). Worst, they would never join that desi consulting firm...

    This how the system is being gamed. If I know 10 such cases, I am sure there must be thousand like that.Now you tell me , isn't that unfair


    nate dogg rest in peace. Nate Dogg - Rest In Peace
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  • thescadaman
    01-14 12:56 PM
    Hi all,

    I have taken 2 printouts and have signed them and put in 2 envelopes as advised. I will be mailing them this evening. I am going to cast my vote in the tracker thread once I have put both the letters in mail.


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  • nate dogg rest in peace.

  • chanduv23
    03-24 02:04 PM
    Its been over 3 hours now that I informed CapitalOne that the discrimination is illegal. And as expected, no reply received yet.

    You scared the HR. He/she would have never thought you will get back to them with this info :D

    I was talking to a reqruiter the toher day and he told me of a case where he placed a candidate with EAD and within weeks the EAD expired and the renewal did not come in time, though they managed to clear out the issue, the company seems to be uncomfortable dealing with the EAD shit, thats what he told me.


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  • transpass
    08-20 08:47 AM
    This is the email I got.


    Your Case Status: Post Decision Activity

    On August 19, 2010, we mailed you a notice that we have approved this I485 APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR TO ADJUST STATUS. Please follow any instructions on the notice. If you move before you receive the notice, call customer service at 1-800-375-5283.

    There is no change in my wife's 485 status. But her EAD is approved. There is no mention of card production in the email. Looks like lot of people got the CPO email directly with post decision activity. Can somebody confirm the sequence in which it happens? How long does it take for the card to arrive? How long will it take for my wife's 485?

    'Notice sent' under 'decision' activity - Most likely means they mailed you welcome notice...
    'Notice sent' under 'post decision' activity - Most likely means they mailed you the card...

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  • addsf345
    09-24 06:42 PM
    Hows ALLVOI compared to vonage and lingo?

    Do they offer unlimited india plan? I never heard of it.

    I know teleblend offers unlimited india plan for 49.99 per month. This is almost double to vonage.


    pictures Nate Dogg) nate dogg rest in peace. nate dogg rest in peace.
  • nate dogg rest in peace.

  • SunnySurya
    08-07 12:33 PM
    My simple question to you is are you in or are you out. If I rember correctly, you have masters and in Eb2 line...
    If you are in, I want to give you call to discuss the logistics..
    Ha ha

    dresses nate dogg rest in peace. nate dogg rest in peace. R.I.P. Nate Dogg
  • R.I.P. Nate Dogg

  • Milind123
    07-18 11:24 PM
    Can he be sued for repeatedly misreporting facts?
    Of course he can be sued. You just need to prove that you were harmed by his inane comments.


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  • nate dogg rest in peace.

  • RDB
    11-25 05:15 PM
    Well, no - my basic argument is that the banks bloated up the 'real' asset value - I had the money then and I have the money now and I am still paying my monthly mortgage amount - the point is about the inflated housing prices.....with these banks knowing the actual value of the asset and still going ahead with the extravagant loans.

    From another point of view, tell me 1 reason why would you lend out money to somebody who you know would not be able to pay you back?

    Let me try to understand your logic. You don't have money and went to bank and requested that they help you out with a loan. They give you loan based on what you bid your house and it is all their fault. If only banks had refused the loan, you wouldn't have bought the house. Is this your logic? Do you ever think for yourself?:confused: I am not going to say that banks were not at fault. But to act like nothing is punjabi's fault is ridiculous.
    BTW if you think he can afford it now wait for another year. The full impact of these mistakes will be known by then. We will be deep into a depression. We will have on top of it ALT-A resets and his house will lose more than 20K for sure. My opinion would be to sell it now and take the hit or wait and lose more. The housing will not rebound to the 2007 peek for a decade.

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  • aau
    08-08 10:26 AM
    This helps answer my question. I am a little unclear about promotions and whether that will qualify one for a new labor, etc. I personally am not planning to change anything at the moment. My promotion, etc is not being stalled because of my status. So I am OK. Thanks again for your answer.

    Yes, promotions will qualify you and by promotion I mean a more Senior position, that needs more experience or an Advanced degree. Basically its just like you are applying for a NEW job altogether. You will need to file a new Labor and then I-140, but this time in EB2.

    hairstyles Nate Dogg - Rest In Peace nate dogg rest in peace. RIP Nate Dogg
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  • cnag
    06-29 08:20 PM
    Last week visas moved from U to C ( you see....);)
    This week it was CIR(cus):D
    Next week visas will move from C to U ( see you)::mad:

    11-17 02:20 PM
    I don't have H1 backup and already in 8th year. I am on self employment, But my lawyer suggested to apply H1extension (through my company) as a backup if MTR denied. If MTR are successful they I don't have to go on through H1 hassle again..

    The glitch is - once you have started using EAD and you apply for h1 - you have to get it stamped before you can use it ie your h1 approval comes without a i 94 extension - the costs towards going out - getting visa appointment , stamping etc.... are to be considered, and remember stamping in Canada and Mexico is not easy these days.

    06-19 09:34 AM
    why do we need all the past w2 forms ?

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