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Saturday, July 2, 2011

pictures of north korean people

images children of North Korea pictures of north korean people. North Korean leader Kim
  • North Korean leader Kim

  • chanduv23
    03-25 02:35 PM
    Mark's previous suggestion works fine in such scenarios. Do not mention the word "EAD" before hand.Do not mention H1 even. Do not try to even discuss EAD/H1 etc... As long as requirement allows Green card and where ever it is required for you to mention work status, jot down " Elligible to work for any US employer in USA". That would work. After interview, if they select submit EAD as a proof. At that moment they will not be able to deny that as a work status proof.

    Note: Other thing I experienced is using the word "Work Permit" in place
    of "EAD" makes things easy for everybody.

    Right, we must avoid the word as much as possible. But then a lot of reqruiters and HRs now seem to educate themselves about the whole EAD thing and seem to be absolutely fine with the EAD.

    wallpaper North Korean leader Kim pictures of north korean people. North Korean leader Kim
  • North Korean leader Kim

  • drona
    07-13 01:27 PM
    Posted by the Washington Post
    WashBiz Blog

    The Gandhi Protest

    Several readers commented on a posting earlier this week about 200 skilled immigrants from India who tried a Gandhi-like tactic and sent flowers to the government's immigration director for help in moving their green card applications along. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services forwarded the flowers to soldiers recovering at Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital, saying it understood the intent of gesture.

    Here's a sample:

    "I wonder if USCIS really understood why the flowers were sent. It was a symbolic protest by legal immigrants AGAINST the way USCIS treated them. How could they send it in the 'same spirit' to soldiers whom we all empathize with?"
    "What an inspirational act. Too bad the message did seem to have gotten lost in translation. Just imagine what would have happened in WWII if the US would have turned away the immigrating sciencists and engineers. How come some 50 years later, the US is struggling to see the value of inviting the world's best and brightest to immigrate here."
    "I'm sorry that these people were tricked into coming to America with the promise of a welcome and eventually a Green Card. The fact is that H1-B immigrants were brought here in order to replace US workers."
    "Viceroy Lord Wavell and his assistants laughed when M.K. Gandhi told them that one day they will be forced to leave India. What they did not understood that they were not politicians, they were bureaucrats. When the political power behind peaceful civil disobedience was unleashed, a nation took shape, and what Gandhi told Wavell became a reality.

    "Something similar repeated in United States recently when thousands of legal immigrants were given a cold shoulder, despite of their merit based claim for an American Green Card. They decided to apply Gandhian way of peaceful protest by sending thousands of flower bouquets to USCIS, an American agency responsible for immigration and citizenship. Instead of offering an apology, USCIS chief decided to again ignore the immigrants and simply issued a statement that the flowers will be forwarded to the injured service members recuperating at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Once again a bureaucrat miscalculated the power hidden behind a peaceful protest. Now the power behind flowers is becoming a media mainstream story. NY Times, Washington Post, Reuters, Yahoo News are a few to name. Bollywood, has recently issued a statement providing its full support to Immigration Voice, the non profit organization behind the flower campaign.

    "An American way of fighting injustice 'A law suit' is on its way, the usual rallies and demonstrations are about to begin. However, in America, its first time after Martin Luther King Jr., that someone has tried to apply Gandhi's way to fight injustice. It is yet not clear that what would be the outcome of this campaign, but there are rumours that USCIS is already discussing internally to reverse the discriminatory decision which caused this embarrassing flower campaign against them.

    "It's amazing to witness that 60 years after Gandhi's demise, his ideology is still relevant. We are sure its gonna remain relevant till there are Lord Wavell's in this world. Lord Wavell's can momentarily laugh thinking that unorganized immigrants are helpless, but when the peaceful protest will demonstrate its political power, they surely will realize what Gandhi and Gandhian ways are all about."

    By Dan Beyers | July 13, 2007; 6:00 AM ET


    pictures of north korean people. of North Korean defectors.
  • of North Korean defectors.

  • H1B-GC
    08-14 11:57 PM
    Got my approval today. Neither very happy nor sad.


    2011 North Korean leader Kim pictures of north korean people. North Korean People#39;s Police
  • North Korean People#39;s Police

  • walking_dude
    11-03 11:09 AM
    Just 51? Only 51 members used AC21 or what?

    What will it take the rest to participate? USCIS sending denials to your address? If this campaign fails there is no one to help you if this happens.

    Send those letters ASAP


    pictures of north korean people. people in North Korea ran
  • people in North Korea ran

  • Dakota Newfie
    05-23 05:46 PM
    The Priority Date refers to the date your Labour Certification Application (LCA) was filed and the I-485 Processing date refers to your Adjustment of Status Application- specifically, it is the filing date of the I-485 application(s) that they are now processing. Translated, that means about nine months to get your Green Card once your PD becomes current. Fortunately, the processing time for an EAD in Nebraska still stands at about 2.5 months.

    pictures of north korean people. images North Korean people
  • images North Korean people

  • CADude
    09-25 01:45 PM
    Recent approved 140s (i.e. sept 2006 or later) has A#. Not all Approved 140 has A#. So don't worry. Earlier applicants used to get A# after filing AOS. Still in AOS process, CRU[one dept of USCIS] will verify the written A# or assign new to each applicant.

    on my i-140 I have A#


    pictures of north korean people. North Korean leader Kim
  • North Korean leader Kim

  • bestofall
    09-30 05:52 PM

    please report your Approvals in this thread . wish you luck for EB2 / EB3 guys whose PD s are current in October 2009

    “If you think IV as an organization, IV’s leadership team and many members who donated their time and money were in anyways helpful in your GC journey, please consider making a “Thank You” donation to IV. Also, keep visiting IV and support your fellow immigrants stuck in this GC queue” __________________

    2010 of North Korean defectors. pictures of north korean people. children of North Korea
  • children of North Korea

  • mps
    06-10 11:06 AM
    we have lot of folks coming here on B1 and working ..how do you report that?


    pictures of north korean people. North Korean defector Hwang
  • North Korean defector Hwang

  • augustus
    07-01 11:06 AM
    After such mad rush and bad news about visa bulletin revision? How many are considering to file on July 2nd and July 3rd? What is the general advice regarding filing from lawyers and oneself about sending documents on July 2nd and July 3rd?

    My lawyer is sending through FedEx - overnight delivery - going there on July 3rd. My worry - Is it a huge risk on my part? What happens if Monday morning it is revised, or worst Tuesday it is revised?

    How many are risking on this??

    hair North Korean People#39;s Police pictures of north korean people. to the North Korean people
  • to the North Korean people

  • gc28262
    04-24 04:55 PM
    Many folks on this forum are so excited that consulting companies are going to be affected by this bill. Many FTEs think they are safe and consulting companies going out of business will help them get their GCs faster. Wait and watch, such bills typically affects direct hiring companies more than consulting companies in the end.

    Remember who is proposing these bills. Durbin and gang. Do you think they are trying to liberate the employees from the clutches of "bad" employers. I don't think so.

    Many IV members has started seeing this anti-H1B bill as CIR 2009.
    We are such a pathetic community !


    pictures of north korean people. 2008, shows North Korean
  • 2008, shows North Korean

  • ras
    09-30 06:33 PM
    This is what i am doing to call a cell phone or any land line in india. Vonage has a call forwarding feature. Simply log in to your vonage account and go to features and configure the call forwarding feature.Configure such that the call is forwarded after 20 sec's. Intially vonage rings and after that it is forwarded to the india cell or landline forwarding number. Its free of charge as calling from vonage to india #'s is free. Hope this puts the debate to rest.

    Why do I need to do all this stuff to call india cell or landline I can do that as such directly through vonage device. My question is how do we call from our mobile to india mobile through vonage. Lingo gives the feature of calling from your mobile number to an indian landline but not indian mobile. I am not sure if your way solves this problem.

    hot people in North Korea ran pictures of north korean people. Advocates of North Korea#39;s
  • Advocates of North Korea#39;s

  • vsoni
    05-04 06:26 PM
    I appreciate your input


    house north korean people starving. pictures of north korean people. North Korea#39;s Anti-American
  • North Korea#39;s Anti-American

  • letstalklc
    10-01 12:31 PM
    ALLVOI has plans for $14.99/750 mins and $ 19.99/1300 mins to India. I think thats more than enough for normal household's use :)

    And ALLVOI works with cellphone too.

    If you want only India calling, there are lot of good calling card companies, that they are offering better price than the above mentioned.

    Airtel call home - 9.99 + tax = you will get 600 mts - 45 days validity period
    relaible calling - 9.99 +tax = you will get 600 mts - 30 days validity period

    tattoo images North Korean people pictures of north korean people. North Koreans laid flowers at
  • North Koreans laid flowers at

  • drahuls
    01-15 12:48 AM
    I also had my H1B visa interview on 4th Jan at Mumbai, but as of now i have not received any email about the process completion. Has anyone received email ?. Please inform.

    Thank you.


    pictures North Korean leader Kim pictures of north korean people. released by North Korea#39;s
  • released by North Korea#39;s

  • vikki76
    10-22 05:49 PM
    Isn't it strange, card production ordered mail and Physical card on the same day.
    Actually he got his card first and then later in day CPO email came in. Very strange indeed.

    dresses Advocates of North Korea#39;s pictures of north korean people. north korean people starving.
  • north korean people starving.

  • gc_on_demand
    09-09 04:39 PM


    makeup North Korean defector Hwang pictures of north korean people. north korean people starving.
  • north korean people starving.

  • snathan
    08-26 05:54 PM
    Why do vonage CS act weird when customers cancel?

    They think if you are put in line for couple of hours...you would give up and will continue the service. But its back firing. Very bad strategy.

    girlfriend North Koreans laid flowers at pictures of north korean people. North Korean people gather to
  • North Korean people gather to

  • appas123
    08-16 07:50 PM

    hairstyles 2008, shows North Korean pictures of north korean people. north korean art Korean
  • north korean art Korean

  • mail2me_Ds
    08-12 02:27 PM
    Mine seems to be few of last applications entered in system during July 07 visa bulletin fiasco(rather fiesta). My Notice date 10/17. I have not seen July filer notice date, later than this...

    My notice date is 10/10. It seems cases are approved based on the notice date. My case was transferred from CSC to TSC. You are right that only few cases have Oct notice dates.

    09-25 05:28 PM
    Read the post again Number posted is 877-246-8253 [Joint Intake Center] (LOL)..

    As it has been 85 days since my 485 reached in NSC and updates, so I called the 800-375-3283 and transfered to IO, she was very polite and told that now they are taking 120 days to issue receipts. ( ware...waa...how fast service)

    As CAA dude post a 800-246-8253 this is Custom #. (lol)

    So they started to say now all we have to wait for another 30 days, there is no other way to get the receipt #, she said call once in a week if u are lucky, u may get ur receipt #,

    yes sending fax, e-mails, create a query this make sence to invistigate the pending application.

    Ok again ur count down starts against 120 days..........

    01-10 07:39 AM
    i don't what is the problem you have with AC21? it works just fine and nobody has a problem with it.

    if you ask them to mess with it, and it seems to have no problem, they will either make it worse or take it away.

    i think you guys are far too risk averse and want everything guaranteed in black and white. it does not work that way and we are not so important in the scheme of things anyway.

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