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Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • illusions
    07-09 10:22 PM
    USCIS has decided that the flowers sent by skilled, legal immigrants to director Dr. Emilio Gonzalez will be forwarded to injured service members recuperating at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and at Bethesda Naval Hospital.

    We welcome the fact that Dr. Gonzalez acknowledged the symbolic gesture of our protest. We are even more happy that these flowers will brighten the day of our injured service brethren. It is their contribution to the American freedom that has made this country such a desirable destination for highly skilled professionals from all over the world.

    We also want to convey to the service personnel receiving those flowers that our message accompanying those flowers is, "Thank You and God Bless You".



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  • baburob2
    01-07 10:29 PM
    not that i know of , but i have heard at number of places this coming up very faster. it might be one of those s1932 clauses in disguise. i will keep a tab on this legislation which seems to be very good.

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  • beautifulMind
    09-24 10:48 PM
    Eb3. I have only applied for PERM in eb2 still waitng for perm to get approved

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  • snathan
    08-26 05:54 PM
    Why do vonage CS act weird when customers cancel?

    They think if you are put in line for couple of hours...you would give up and will continue the service. But its back firing. Very bad strategy.


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  • hinvin66
    09-20 01:34 PM
    Hi pat123

    The details are:

    RD: 8/07/2007
    ND: 9/17/2007

    Hi hinvin66,

    What is your I 485
    NOTICE DATE? IS It 9/18/2007?

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  • immigrationvoice1
    10-18 02:49 PM
    Credit report check is not part of the name check.

    Thank you very much lazycis.


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  • leoindiano
    10-06 09:40 AM
    Hi vikki76, bpositive, dipika, caliguy, leoindiano:
    If I am correct, your PDs are current, right? Do you guys know if your case was pre-adjudicated and/or assigned to an IO? I keep reading from the forums that some apps with PDs as late as Dec 2004 and a couple of Jan 2005 got approved. Wondering why the earlier (eg. mine is July 04) not approved yet. Could we all join togther and write a letter to Napolitino(Thanks to SoP for the idea) and ask her to take some action on our cases?

    Its current. and my case was pre-adjudicated on feb 20th, 2009, assigned to IO on sept 17th 2009.

    Sept 4th, infopass 1 - all clear, pre-adjudicated on feb 2009.
    Sept 7th to 15th - 4 SR's - No Response on any of them. all CSR's told samething, everything is clear except FP, opening Request to send them to you.
    Sept 15th - Lawyer's email - Not sure if this helped, But, exactly after this, it is assigned to IO.
    Visa Numbers are out for Fiscal Year 2009.
    Sept 22nd - infopass 2 - both apps with same officer, please wait
    Sept 25th - FP notices arrived on 25th, with appointments for oct 21st,
    Sept 29th - did a walk-in for FP at local ASC and got it done early. So, it clears the way for october.
    Sept 30th - there was a hard LUD, may be coming out of FP uploading.

    Got this reply from Senator on 29th.
    These I-485’s are based on the principle’s approved I-140, SRC0XXXXXXXXXX as a 2nd preference from India with a priority date of 11/19/04 and there is a current visa available.

    TSC is currently processing I-485 visas based on filing date order. There are a large amount of cases that are being worked and these cases will be worked in receipt date order. With the limited amount of visas that are currently available between now and September 30, 2009, there is no guarantee that these cases can be completed before the end of FY2009. It is estimated, that in general, these cases will be completed between 45-90 days.

    Since, apps are with IO now, i am restraining from doing any more inquiries. The only hurdle we knew, FP is now complete.

    my case is TSC - EAC - TSC transfer case. original receipt date at TSC was august 3rd 2007. transfer from EAC to TSC receipt date is oct 11th 2007. ND Oct 16th 2007.

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  • gc_wow
    09-24 11:22 AM
    Is there any way to find if state department will do a quarterly spill over? What is the law around this? How to get this fixed?


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  • go_guy123
    06-10 03:51 PM
    Thanks guys .... for coming behind me .. Shane Warne or Purple Haze won't satisfy you guys .. Y dont we discuss how Kanimozhi's discontent couldn't play spoil sport for the new govt and how Azhagiri got cornered with chemicals and fertilizers (these 2 are not any interntaional fame for an american 'tunnel rat' to know abt them).

    Above all I am here to get some information to bring a company which violates rules to authorities, nothing more nothing less and not here to do any name calling of mud slinging.

    l1fraud. L1s cannot be hosted at client site when the client site manager has supervision on him/her.

    ICE has a historically poor track record on enforcing H1b/L1 rules. Only lately there has been on enforcement on the H1B rules. All that one can do is complain to USCIS / ICE
    etc but they don't do anything then you may have to talk to you senator/congressman etc. Sometimes senator/congressman are also non cooperative.

    Let alone L1, even B1 visa is used like a short term work permit by many IT companies including American IT companies

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  • gctest
    08-21 01:57 PM
    Read the visa bulletin for the past 3 months.

    and thanks for the red dot. .. I am in indian .. so a red dot really goes on me :)

    Do you have any link for that apology from DOS? Any doc to support that?


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  • sledge_hammer
    07-09 09:17 PM
    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha :D

    I think we can all relate to this...

    You definitely sound like my mother , who gets scared by the news that gets published in telugu news papers about gas station shootings in USA. Otherday she asked me not to goto "that gas station in Kentucky" .. I live in CA.

    There is no shame in protesting injustice. Nobody who sent flowers is foolish enough to think that they will get their GC just because they sent flowers.

    Can you please explain what is the real problem of USCIS?

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  • GC08
    07-09 09:01 PM
    Actually I thought they will not accept flowers. But for courtesy and humanity touch they are forwarding. Because of these atleast flowers have some purpose without wastage. This campaign will not have any impact on functioning of USCIS as they are following law. These mistakes are common in every Government organisations and time time mistakes are being corrected. Even congressional hearing happens and finds mistake they will prevent future mistakes like this. It is unlikely for affected persons to get relief immediately. But Many persons will get relief automatically on oct 2007 when DOS sets Cutoff date. I expect cut off date for EB3 2003 or 2004 and for EB2 2005.

    I just felt that they did something that most people would not understand. I think the mess today is the result of a series of missteps they took. They not only mismanaged the whole green card thing but also mismanaged the public relations. Hopefully, they have learned from all these dramas. :cool:


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  • abhijitp
    07-09 07:02 PM
    I am telling you, this is all great!!. It is working, do not doubt it. It has to be this way for a news story. This makes a great story. Also canceling orders sends wrong messages, we care for the troops fighting for us, Why cancel.

    I think that is a smart response from USCIS. The good news is, it will not backfire the way some people were wondering... and also that the media will cover it.

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  • CADude
    09-25 01:45 PM
    Recent approved 140s (i.e. sept 2006 or later) has A#. Not all Approved 140 has A#. So don't worry. Earlier applicants used to get A# after filing AOS. Still in AOS process, CRU[one dept of USCIS] will verify the written A# or assign new to each applicant.

    on my i-140 I have A#


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  • seekerofpeace
    10-06 03:54 PM
    ASHA and AID are communist leaning and progressive organizations???? I take no offence with the latter but for the former adjective I guess you don't know the meaning of communism.....

    But again if I recollect you are the enlightened enitity "Avatar" as I had once said.....so it is best not to get into an argument with you ....there are much more pressing needs in the forum "getting GC for one" than talking about things communist and progressive.



    dresses Runnin#39; Down A Dream, tom petty and the heartbreakers runnin. Tom Petty And The
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  • asanghi
    07-13 04:17 PM
    Posted by the Washington Post
    WashBiz Blog

    The Gandhi Protest

    Several readers commented on a posting earlier this week about 200 skilled immigrants from India who tried a Gandhi-like tactic and sent flowers to the government's immigration director for help in moving their green card applications along. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services forwarded the flowers to soldiers recovering at Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital, saying it understood the intent of gesture.

    Here's a sample:

    "I wonder if USCIS really understood why the flowers were sent. It was a symbolic protest by legal immigrants AGAINST the way USCIS treated them. How could they send it in the 'same spirit' to soldiers whom we all empathize with?"
    "What an inspirational act. Too bad the message did seem to have gotten lost in translation. Just imagine what would have happened in WWII if the US would have turned away the immigrating sciencists and engineers. How come some 50 years later, the US is struggling to see the value of inviting the world's best and brightest to immigrate here."
    "I'm sorry that these people were tricked into coming to America with the promise of a welcome and eventually a Green Card. The fact is that H1-B immigrants were brought here in order to replace US workers."
    "Viceroy Lord Wavell and his assistants laughed when M.K. Gandhi told them that one day they will be forced to leave India. What they did not understood that they were not politicians, they were bureaucrats. When the political power behind peaceful civil disobedience was unleashed, a nation took shape, and what Gandhi told Wavell became a reality.

    "Something similar repeated in United States recently when thousands of legal immigrants were given a cold shoulder, despite of their merit based claim for an American Green Card. They decided to apply Gandhian way of peaceful protest by sending thousands of flower bouquets to USCIS, an American agency responsible for immigration and citizenship. Instead of offering an apology, USCIS chief decided to again ignore the immigrants and simply issued a statement that the flowers will be forwarded to the injured service members recuperating at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Once again a bureaucrat miscalculated the power hidden behind a peaceful protest. Now the power behind flowers is becoming a media mainstream story. NY Times, Washington Post, Reuters, Yahoo News are a few to name. Bollywood, has recently issued a statement providing its full support to Immigration Voice, the non profit organization behind the flower campaign.

    "An American way of fighting injustice 'A law suit' is on its way, the usual rallies and demonstrations are about to begin. However, in America, its first time after Martin Luther King Jr., that someone has tried to apply Gandhi's way to fight injustice. It is yet not clear that what would be the outcome of this campaign, but there are rumours that USCIS is already discussing internally to reverse the discriminatory decision which caused this embarrassing flower campaign against them.

    "It's amazing to witness that 60 years after Gandhi's demise, his ideology is still relevant. We are sure its gonna remain relevant till there are Lord Wavell's in this world. Lord Wavell's can momentarily laugh thinking that unorganized immigrants are helpless, but when the peaceful protest will demonstrate its political power, they surely will realize what Gandhi and Gandhian ways are all about."

    By Dan Beyers | July 13, 2007; 6:00 AM ET


    This comment, whoever posted it hits the nail right on head.

    As a highly skilled H1B worker in the US, let me the set the record straight on a few common misconceptions:
    - Many of us come from upper middle class families and didnt come to the US 'seeking quality of life'. We already had it.
    - Many of us have graduated with distinction or higher from TOP US universities where we competed with 'local' talent and aced the programs, with NO SPECIAL FAVORS
    - All of us are PASSIONATE about the PROMISE of the GREAT AMERICAN DREAM. We work hard because we want to, not because we need to. (Hint: We are ambitious and can hence go to any country in the world!)
    - All of us are an INTEGRAL part of this society, paying 28%-33% of our $100K+ jobs as TAXES that go back to the US economy
    - All of us continue the great tradition of the US being a melting pot

    Go back to the age of the Gold Rush. We are the new Gold Rush. We are the new Lewis and Clarke. We are adventurers, learners, experiments, believers, doers.

    We are not lowly paid 'tech slaves'. Get the media misconception out of your heads.

    We are PROUD to be part of the Great American Fabric. We strengthen this country with our diversity. We will continue to contribute selflessly to make this a greater, stronger nation.

    And while we are it, we wont forget that our own future generations might take it more lightly and risk messing up their careers. Anyone that has 'life handed to them in a platter' ends up messing it.

    So, please take your heads out of the sand, quit being protectionist and complaining the someone moved your cheese. Look at how you can move and be flexible, nimble and adaptive.

    Inspiration. Ideation. Innovation. Hardwork. Dedication. Focus. Results. Rewards. Since when have we decided to change the ingredients of the American Dream?


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  • illusions
    07-11 11:45 AM
    Guys sending in food is not gonna work. They are not gonna simply accept food like that and would rather just turn em away. We should stick to flora and fauna and i wouldn't suggest anything else.

    If that won't do it, keep sending snail mails, so much so that they will have to hire extra personnel to sort the mails, and maybe backlog them too lol.

    By the way, Thank You, Xiyun for all the Media Coverage, your help is greatly appreciated by us all.

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    11-03 11:15 AM

    I was reading Murthy's FAQ on AC21 she did in 2002. Read Question 6 carefully. Revoking I140 was always an issue, may be never surfaced!


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  • VivekAhuja
    01-06 04:03 PM
    This is a dumb idea. You want the US to give you Citizenship while you have an approved I-140 and AOS status??????? You don't even have GC !!!!

    Do you even know the reason for the law that states you have to wait for 5 years after getting GC to apply for US Citizenship?

    And what is this nonsense about boosting the economy because you pay mortgage?

    Please don't waste time on this - GC confers enough benefits for you (and family) to be able to live and work in the USA without ever applying for citizenship. The only benefit you don't have is to work for some US Govt. agencies, to vote and no visa-free world travel (mostly) or sponsoring some more family members to take away more of the social security fund.

    If you read the plan, you are essentially asking to by-pass all security laws and telling the US to sell you GC and Citizenship.

    Simple: stupid and bad idea. Drop it.

    08-20 10:46 PM
    With the earlier method or the current method, EB3-I will always end up last. Vertically EB3-ROW gets the excess visas (old method), horizontally EB2-I gets the excess visas (new method). So, either way EB3-I won't benefit, the only solace being that with the current system atleast our EB2-I friends are getting their freedom faster.

    For us, visa recapture or other legislative changes are the only relief.

    BTW, my PD is June 2003, EB3-I

    08-12 11:28 AM
    I have the same situation. CPO change date on 5th, email on 6th. Since then, no LUD, status changes, email, or snail mail.

    No need to worry...I got my physical cards yesterday in the mail - about 7 business days after CPO update. You will get the cards soon...

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