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Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • Canadian_Dream
    11-19 09:20 PM
    This comes from conversation with two lawyers who have done this in the past.
    Can you please state the source of ur information.

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  • jags_e
    07-09 08:11 PM
    There is achance that the TV hosts may take us seriously.

    Also, If we believe in Gandhian way, we shouldn't care...

    No publicity is bad publicity... and I doubt the talk show hosts would poke fun at us for this creative form of protest.


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  • vbkris77
    04-01 12:54 PM
    I don't disagree with any of the statements.. It is totally personal decision for someone to donate or not.

    I agree that there is no silver bullet in any analysis. It is a number crunching game.. What is important is follow-up after analysis, which is only possible with IV.

    Dems want votes and more Hispanics
    GOP want more temps since it is very good for business
    Lawyers want more money so they are not interested in solutions. They are in it for money
    Individuals want their greencard just in time and not worry about the guy right behind them..
    tracker websites need traffic to get money from adds, so they don't want solution..

    Thanks for your kind words, its people like you who motivate me to analyze the data and create interpretations for all of us. Believe me its all very simple but has been only possible with news, inputs, suggestions and critique from all its really teamwork. Only together we have been able to come to understand how best we can predict what the future holds for us. Nobody claims or guarantees for accuracy however we do try our best to give out the most up to date forecast. Many folks like and appreciate this and it brings traction and new members to IV. Nobody is discounting that advocacy is not important it really is important. However the characterization of freeloader by some is extremely unfortunate I would attribute it simply to their lack of understanding. VBKRIS it�s absolutely yours and IV prerogative to keep information in the Donor forum to respect hose who contribute financially, however in the internet age information travels very fast.

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  • gottagc
    05-18 10:44 AM
    Hello Folks

    I am planning to take up a EB3 labor substitution case, and I have a few questions.

    With the I140 premium processing being eliminated from today, and the current I140 processing time taking 9 months my question to you all is:

    a. Suppose I apply for my I140, I485, AP today (say May 18th 2007), will I be eligible to get an EAD in the next 90 days, though my I140 could still be pending.

    b. Will the time for AC21 portability start from the day I applied for I485 or from the day the I140 will get approved.

    c. Suppose me and spouse get the EAD (despite I140 pending), and spouse converts from H4 to EAD while I stay on H1-B, what happens to the spouse status in case the I140 gets denied.

    d. What is the possibility of the EB2 VISA dates moving further.

    Appreciate your help in understanding the system correctly.


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  • sumagiri
    09-23 07:27 PM
    All we need is just 233,816(page 2) visas(forget about country limit, EB category etc). In that case in 2 years we will have 280,000(140,000 * 2) visas. So should we all get GC in two years with that logic.

    Even if we add the flow of application from 'Current' categoreis, your statement still holds true.

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  • apnair2002
    01-19 06:14 PM
    James Rogers was on the Bill O'Rielly show. They oppose HR 4437




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  • GCapplicant
    06-29 04:16 PM
    Damn this green card-If its true-What are they thinking screwing our lives-torture-saddistic I hate this man-thats the limit-all these years we wait-they have no word of honour-selfish cruel people.

    Back home we spend so much for our govt for our own education -here no respect for us-I feel really hurted this time-Staying at home in H4 is a torture-

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  • sc3
    08-20 09:54 PM
    Also, how is the spillover going to be distributed among EB3? First EB3 ROW and then EB3 C/I as in the old system?

    Personally, I think the visa recapture bill would help things quite a bit.

    The idea here is to get USCIS to follow the law

    Yes, the old system will be restored. Please note that this is the only sure fire way of EB3-I going forward. There is some comments that EB3-I can really only benefit if EB2-I goes current with the current horizontal spill over rules. Such statements are clearly misleading. Eb3-I will not directly be impacted by EB2-I being current. It just allows EB3 to get a lot of numbers which will first be used by EB3-ROW before spilling over into EB3-I.

    With this change, we get EB3ROW move ahead faster, it probably would have been C had the rules been followed, and EB3 would have started moving ahead.

    The only way for EB3 to move ahead is for EB3-ROW to become current, nothing else will help EB3 beyond the visa recapture (which is iffy at best). If we get USCIS to follow rules, this happens sooner, and EB3-I starts to move sooner. If not, EB3-I shall wait for a long time.


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  • WaldenPond
    12-31 07:54 PM
    Hello Logiclife,

    The information you provided is very useful. Will go look for David Heenan's book.

    Here is the book that I am trying to read - 'Flight of the Creative Class' by Dr. Richard Florida. Here is the extract from this book -

    Chapter 4 – The Closing of America? - Page 112
    The rejection rate of H-1B visas (also called “high-skilled visas”), which allow professionals who are not U.S. citizens to work in the country for up to six years, increased from 9.5 to 17.8 percent between 2001 and 2003.

    Chapter 4 – The Closing of America? - Page 117
    By 2003, antiterrorism measures began to catch up not just with visa applications but also with requests for more permanent U.S. residence. Thanks to delays in the processing of green-card applications, only 705,827 people became legal permanent residents that year, down from 1.06 million in 2002. This decline is the steepest since 1953, when Joseph McCarthy stoked fears that Communists were invading the government and general population. Nearly half of those affected by the government slowdown in 2003 were foreign students, workers, and others already residing in the U.S. and hoping to become permanent residents. Such figures may understate the extent of the problem-which were backlogged to more than 6 million by the end of the fiscal year 2003. Of these over 6 million people whose legal lives as residents were put on hold, roughly 3.6 million have had applications pending for more than six months.

    The practical, everyday implications of such a wait can be exasperating. Without a green card, many immigrants are prohibited from traveling, denied the benefit of in-state tuition rates, or even put at risk for job loss and deportation if the wait goes on too long. These risks accrue not only to individuals and families but to the businesses that hire them and need their skills.

    There is lot more to share but I am not able to put all this on the discussion forum thread. Will add more to this later.

    Here is the link to Dr. Florida's site : http://www.creativeclass.org/.

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  • greencardvow
    07-31 05:50 PM
    You are trying to say I can sign an application then mail it with just fee. You think they will accept without any Initial Evidence. I know about them relaxing condition on Medical. When did they relax it for all other Initial Evidence as well.

    Not this time. USCIS clearly mentioned that Completed application with Signatures, Correct Fees should be sufficient. They are even accepting without medicals.


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  • katrina
    05-10 02:49 PM
    My wife is on F1 visa and I am hoping the dates will move soon and we will be able to file 485. I would like to know if

    >she can file 485 by being in F1 ?

    If you are under H1b and she is applying for 485 together with you then answer is yes she can.

    >Once she files being in F1, can she still continue to be on F1 and travel in and out of US on F1?

    No because F1 is for non immigrant as F1 you show that you have no intention to move to US but once your file your I-485 you show an intention to move and stay in US therefore F1 is no longer valid.

    >What will be her status when she starts using EAD if she filed being in F1?
    Once she filed 485 she will be waiting for her status to be Permanent resident.
    her F1 is no longer valid. She can work using her EAD but if I485 got reject she will be automatically out of status and has to go out from US.

    I'm not a lawyer what I've told and writte has to be confirm with your attorney.

    Also Please see below answer by Attorney Murthy:

    Hello. My wife is studying on F-1 visa and I filed I-485 for her. (I have a valid H1B.) Can we now change from AOS to CP? Will this in any way affect her status or mine?

    Attorney Murthy : A person on F-1 is no longer considered on F-1 status once she files the I-485 papers, unlike the person on an H1B who is legally allowed to maintain both statuses. So, if a person who only had F-1 status switches to CP, then the spouse has to switch to H-4 status in the U.S. immediately. Otherwise, she is considered out of status in the U.S. if the USCIS agrees to cancel the I-485 and convert the case to CP.

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  • immigrationmatters30
    04-06 09:13 PM
    You read my mind.

    Also I have analyzed that people who have a date in 2008 somehow predict that the dates might move to 2008 and people who have a PD of July predict that dates will move to August . This is just an observation and nothing more , and if you go through the threads thats exactly what you will see.


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  • rameshvaid
    03-12 09:37 PM
    Great effort Saralayar. I just voted. Vote for this, everyone. This is the least we can do get on the radar. There are so many voices crying for attention --- please vote so that we may be heard.

    It is very easy:
    1. Go to http://citizensbriefingbook.change.gov/home
    2. Register, by clicking on "sign in to get started now" (very quick --- no email verification steps, etc.)
    3. Search for "Citizenship if you have lived legally in this Country for 10 years continuously" (without quotes), in the "find an issue you care about" search box
    4. Vote by clicking on the up arrow.

    Post a quick comment as well. This way we will draw more attention to it.

    Could not find the link..Which page do I need to go on to vote.. I have searched about 500 pages.. Pls. advise..


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  • jayz
    01-10 02:54 PM
    I just mailed my letter to the President, CC-ed Senators from my state, Congresswoman from my district and of course, IV. I also attached my past correspondance with the lawmakers to the letter, so they know that this has been an on-going struggle from the grassroot level.


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  • rangaswamy
    06-29 07:50 PM
    Im signing off the web page for the rest of the weekend.. im going to leave my brains behind and go watch Sivaji.

    Lets see what Monday has to offer us. :)

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  • kumar1
    11-24 11:00 AM
    I have decided not to reply to any of the comments here and I will stick to that decision. However, I have received quite a few red dots with following comments....that shows how mature people are in this forum. Thank you.

    11-24-2008 09:56 AM ass**ole
    11-24-2008 09:51 AM bad advice
    11-23-2008 03:32 AM foreclose and then buy a new car and get some credit cards? THIS is the fuckin reason we are all ina mess now.
    11-23-2008 01:54 AM not good


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  • gc_on_demand
    04-23 08:20 PM
    I see indian comnies will apply for more B1/ B2 visas overseas.

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  • abhijitp
    07-31 07:41 PM
    I doubt that. Medical was relaxed since it can take time for people to get the medicals done. Also immigration doctors were all busy at this time. So it is possible that people arent able to get the meds done by the Aug 17 deadline. The other documents like EVL shouldnt take this long. If the employer is willing to provide future employment to someone then it should be sent along with the application. Whether USCIS will relax for lack of Initial Evidence other than Medical is hard to say. It is always better to be safe than sorry.
    I was joking. Considering how AILA is touting its role in the negotiations that reversed the July VB fiasco... they should be on top of this issue now, as it was lawyers, not laypersons like us, who decided to submit without proper documents e.g. EVL

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  • chanduv23
    10-29 07:26 AM
    Please refer the url, one of the iv member has stated his friends denial case.

    The authenticity of that case is not clear. Someone claims his friend had issues and we do not have any details.

    I used AC21 few months back and went through the NOID ordeal.

    Our volunteers working on this effort are in the process of identifying authentic AC21 cases that got denials though they did everything to the law and are in process of filing MTR.

    If anyone got a denial and wants to help us in this - please send a PM to IV volunteer pd_recapturing

    08-26 01:32 AM
    I just talked to one of teleblend rep (live chat on their website, very easy to do and I can do this during lunch time from office). The guy said they are working on something but was not providing any time line or details. I told him to hurryup else I will switch. Looks like we need more teleblend customers contact them to get this done faster. Guess they are waiting to see what effect or how many customers actually switch to vonage. Teleblend must offer $20 world plan in order to stay afloat in competition. I say this as they now offers $15 unlimited us-canada Vs. vonage $25 unlimited us-canada plan so far.

    I'm also using teleblend and will call them tomorrow to ask for the deal...Currently their unlimited india plan is $35 + $15 + tax = close to $55.

    08-12 05:55 PM

    I saw some posts from user appas123, I need some help filling out 7001 form. If you do not mind please call me on my cell 2482275390. It would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
    Let me know if you still want me to call you.

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