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Monday, July 4, 2011

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  • chanduv23
    06-12 12:18 PM
    I support you L1Fraud.

    Guys: This has become a major problem at every place. If we do not take any action, every one of us will be replaced by these BIG outsource companies with L1 and B1.

    I already reported this to ICE about violations of CTS which has placed their L1's at client's place for the past 2 years. And still they have several people.

    You may not believe their pay. I do not want to put a number here and it will be a shame on CTS for misusing L1. They replaced 18 American Workers at my client's pace. Whatever you guys might think, this is a FRAUD.

    As you are a very active IV member and helped with so many campaigns. I would request you to take an additional step towards resolving such issues.

    (1) Voilating the law is not right and we must all be against it
    (2) If you are concerned about L1 fraud - please make a case by writing a detailed document.
    (3) Gather people who think their job is at threat because of FRAUD and form a group
    (4) Talk to lawyer and seek opinion
    (5) Understand the process and collectively report to appropriate authorities to take action
    (6) Talk to your law makers
    (7) Run a strong campaign on IV- gather support from other organizations etc..
    (8) Keep everything open - like posting everything on forums and nothing to hide.



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  • kushaljn
    01-04 02:06 AM
    Did anyone who was given that yellow form and asked that he/she would receive an email get email from the consulate.

    Was any one successfully receive a visa stamp after being referred to PIMS system?
    What is the time line for such visa stamps?

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  • desi3933
    01-30 10:03 AM
    Hmmm - not sure because, if the job requires that someone must have security clearance - the job must clearly mention that someone with security clearance is needed. What is the point in hiring a citizen without security clearance (unless they want you to get clearance aftewr hiring)

    Non discriminatory postings look like this
    (1) Authorized to work in US for any employer
    (2) Requires a security clearance

    One cannot specifically say - I don't want EAD or GC or I want only Citizens.

    Desi3933 and other knowledgeable folks out here - please write your comments. I hope I am not wrong.

    There are 3 kind of jobs -
    1. Jobs that require active security clearance - this kind of job is only limited to US citizen that have security clearance of that level. Yes, tehre are different levels in security clearance as well.
    2. Jobs that will be in unit where everyone must be US citizen. These kind of jobs can be filled by US citizen without the need of any security clearance.
    3. Jobs that are open for everyone - One must have active work authorization.

    The vast majority of the jobs are of type #3. In any case, if job requires US citizen, the hiring place must be able to answer why that job is restricted to US citizens only.

    US citizen of Indian origin
    Not a legal advice

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  • gcwait
    09-02 08:33 PM
    Please send me email so that i can subscribe this service


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  • leo2606
    12-09 05:15 PM
    Check Question#9 in the following link realated with multiple A#s

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  • drirshad
    01-04 11:48 AM
    Can we atleast run it by Attorney Khanna rskhanna@immigration.com or Mattew Of immigration-law.com get a feedback of the possibilities.


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  • eb3retro
    06-29 07:56 PM
    what if someone sent out the documents today 28th june..???


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  • va_dude
    08-25 02:22 PM
    Vonage does work with a home security system, but they do no recommend using it for that purpose because then your security system is dependent on the internet to make the call out during an emergency.


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  • shreekhand
    09-12 10:52 AM
    wait for atleast 4 (6 is better still) months to figure out if it is in the "stuck in NC" status !

    but it is pending with FBI since Aug 1st. Looks like they also check for fragmented names.

    This is my opinion, not an advise. Use it at your own risk.

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  • virginia_desi
    02-22 08:55 AM
    I had a very smooth H1 stamping experience at US consulate in New Delhi on February 19. Everyone around us (atleast 4-5 people) had "PIMS Found" written on their D-156. We were sent to the premium processing line as I was revalidating the visa through the same employer. I was just asked how long I have worked for my current employer. I received my passport within 2 business days.

    I hope this helps!!


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  • BharatPremi
    09-24 11:34 PM
    I have eb3 485 and am working on EB3 EAD. I do not have a h1b

    Eb3 485 Filed on July 2007

    Got a promotion at the same company in Jan 2009 and applied for Labor n Eb2 for the new position

    Still wating for Perm approval in EB2


    I do not want to scare you but what you are claiming here i.e. while working on EB3-EAD aceepting promotion for a EB2-level skill can not be accepted by USCIS. You simply can not accept higher skill level based promotion like that. I think you should first sit down with a good lawyer and find out the solution of this already created mess and then think about interfiling.

    Based on all info you provided it looks like our cases are not similar. I have already new approved I-140 - EB2 base - approved in year 2006. My 485 is attached to EB3.

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  • digital2k
    09-09 04:19 PM
    I called Everyone
    and is a great response
    more calls, more calls, more calls ...
    friends, let us all do it...
    its for everyone

    I am surprised that all other threads are getting updated quite frequently. People are posting question related to their RFE and as usual once they get answer to their problems, they vanish. People are posting jokes on IV, but when it is their turn to call, we've to "bump" this thread and send e-mails to members. So pathetic.
    I felt very sad when I read 30000+ members donated some 4000 dollars in last two months. I felt my donation of about 1000 dollars since 2006 is being wasted to answer questions of or to solve the problems of these free riders &/or one question members.
    Please call all Numbers except co-sponsors ...
    Find people And ask everyone else also to call ...


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  • gdhiren
    07-11 12:02 PM
    Nice to know the film makers comment about our campaign. How about contacting them to get the hundreds of DVDs of 'Lage Raho Munnabhai' and send them to Walter Reed where flowers are going? Just a vague thought, I am sure someone else also mentioned similar thing earlier.

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  • walking_dude
    01-11 04:19 PM
    1. Ball park figure is total of 218,000 visa wasted from previous years. How much of it will go to EBs (and others) will be based on how the recapture gets implemented. If we don't do anything and sit quiet, it may as well be ZERO. Nurses will walk away with the cake

    2. President can pass an 'Executive Order' to provide interim relief. So it should be possible. It'll depend on the independent interpretation of the law by the White House, and it won't be based on whatever you read elsewhere.

    1. How many unused visa numbers can be re-captured? Out of those re-captured, how many can be applied to EB categories? I know this is difficult to estimate this but if we believe that recapturing unused visas would help the retrogression issue, we ought to have some idea (in hundreds? thousands? more?) as to how many visa numbers can be re-captured and used towards EB categories.

    2. Does the President have the authority to implement an administrative relief in this matter, particularly to recapture the unused immigrant visas? Elsewhere I have read that only congress has the authority to do this.

    Please provide links/references or analysis to back up the claims.

    Disclaimer: This is not to discourage anybody, rather just a healthy skepticism.


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  • another one
    09-29 07:20 PM
    To me collateral damage to GC is more acceptable than the same to human life.

    On economic front, the only person on either side who truly supports free market policies is Ron Paul. He is the one of the few Republicans who actually thinks about balancing the budget. Tax cuts are ok, only if you back them up with reduced spending, without increasing the national levergage. National debt is now at 100% of GDP (in the company of zimbabwe and jamiaca) , 20-30% of future income tax will go towards paying of the interest on Govt tax. It will definitely crowd out future private investments. Look at the history of national debt, and correlate them to the administrations.

    "Supply side" tax reductions of Reagan admin were good but even he increased the debt during his tenure. Leveraging is good for private cos (to certain limit, as we can say from recent developments), but not for Govts, as they do not really do much economically productive activity. Keynesian economists have all been hiding in their basement in the last two weeks.

    It is just my belief that Repubs dumb down everything.. from education to how to sell a war or economic plan to people.

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  • immigrationmatters30
    04-06 09:13 PM
    You read my mind.

    Also I have analyzed that people who have a date in 2008 somehow predict that the dates might move to 2008 and people who have a PD of July predict that dates will move to August . This is just an observation and nothing more , and if you go through the threads thats exactly what you will see.


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  • like_watching_paint_dry
    01-27 11:04 AM
    If you had followed the thread most people are suggesting to avoid this place rather than to fight them. Don't you get that point ?

    How is charging different amounts for the same kind of visa and refusing to correct the mistake OP's personal responsibility ?

    Correct. We need to boycott them when they become unreasonable. A great man once moved an entire nation to do just that for a much greater purpose and it delivered results just over 60 years ago.

    In a global world, if they choose to remain racist, ignorant and unreasonable, then my $ goes elsewhere. Vote with your wallets and boycott these Brits.

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  • singhv_1980
    01-28 05:49 PM
    I am not too sure of this. Let me try and find out this info.

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  • never_giveup
    09-10 10:41 AM
    Called almost everyone on the list and urged for support.

    To all others like me, who are hesitant and are not sure about the talking points. Below is something that can help.

    You would most likely be talking to a person taking messages and not the congressman/woman directly.
    And you also dont have to explain them the details of the bill, as they are very well aware of it. All you have to tell them is it is about HR5882.

    After one or 2 calls, my message was standardized and this is what I used in all the calls.

    Good Morning. I am calling in regards to the bill HR5882. (Pause for the other person to give you a go ahead and then continue). I would like to express my support for the bill and would like to request the support of Congressman/woman for the bill. If you can pass the message to the Congressman/Woman, that will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You and have a Great Day.

    Some of the offices will ask you for your phone number and address, go ahead and give it to them. No harm.

    And some might ask you where you are calling them from. My reply to them was - I am calling from the state of VA. I also reached out to my district's congressman, but also wanted to request the support of Congressman XXXX and so am calling your office.

    I was initially hesitant and was not sure as to how to put it together, but it was real eazy and quick. After some calls, I even called up people who do not suppor this like Steve King, etc. It was only a matter of a call and letting them know our opinion. All that I lost was 2 minutes of my time and no money for my unlimited phone plan.

    Not sure how much help it will be, but surely cannot hurt. It would atleast draw their attention due to the large call volume. Yes, some offices told me that they were receiving lot of calls for this bill.

    So go on... do your part.

    04-01 09:49 AM
    Guys do not feed the freeloaders by telling anything you are reading in the donor forum. Let these people help themselves by signing up for recurring contributions if they want helpful nformation about their EB2 PD movemement. We are still not meeting of our advocacy day amount. It is all because most people want free lunches. This needs to stop. The 200 people going to DC tomorrow are going to speak for you and me for yours and mine greencard. They are taking time off and spending own money for you and me. Nothing is free in this world. IV is also doing this for you and me and we are taking it for granted. Let people do some good deed today if they want to know good information

    there's a difference between a contributing non donor and a freeloader. just saying.

    an "ex-donor" + contributor.

    10-04 12:49 PM
    No one want to waits anymore (it's already 93 days :mad: ) AND no one want to participate in any action to speed-up the process or put more pressure on USCIS to correct their behavior (USCIS will come back and screw your case :) ). Please tell me what you wants. :confused: Either please don't complain and wait till your Check Cashed :D OR organise and do your part, take some action to put pressure on USCIS. Choice is yours. :D

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