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Friday, July 1, 2011

milwaukee summerfest 2011

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  • 27 - Milwaukee Summerfest

  • nk2006
    11-07 05:10 PM
    I will send out the documents tomorrow. Can you forward the docs to my email id senthilpkumar@hotmail.com?


    I just sent them to the email address you provided. Thanks.

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  • Madhuri
    06-26 03:43 PM
    Sorry, I am still confused.
    So should it say salary no less than (salary in labor) or should it mention salary no less than (salary in I 140)?

    Here's what I requested my employer to write in the Letter:

    Current salary is XXX.
    Salary that will be offered on permant residence will be not less than YYY (mentioned in the labor)

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  • ski_dude12
    08-13 01:37 PM
    Well, here we have someone who is summing up his GC journey after it is over, I doubt he had the intention to entertain someone with his writeup.

    If you are bored then maybe you should go out for a walk or watch a comedy movie.

    Congrats.. its bit boring to ready through your story though..

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  • lutherpaul
    09-28 09:40 AM
    I received I485 approval mail on Sept 9th 2010, but have not received my cards yet. There was a soft LUD on Sept 17th. Anyone in this situation?


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  • Milwaukee Summerfest 2011 Will

  • AreWeThereYet
    09-10 03:42 PM
    I think it is the part of their process. I went an infopass the other morning and the IO gave me the same response. She said every thing was fine with my application. It was pre-adjudicated and now waiting for a review now that my priority date is current. She asked me to wait for 60-90 days. But I got the approval same afternoon :)

    Today I and my wife had an infopass appointment and were told that our I485 case is in Adjudication review and should expect an interview soon. I asked the officer is there anything wrong and he replied back that everything is fine. I am not sure what adjudication review is and why there is an interview if everything is fine :confused:

    We also opened SR on 9/1/2010 and I got the response today for the SR request and it has the following details

    "Your case is currently under review. You should receive a decision or notice of other action within 60 days of the date of this letter." Does this mean that we will not get the GC atleast in the next 60 days?

    Did anyone had an interview before or anyone know what should we expect in the interview.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • vpadman
    02-15 11:09 PM
    I am planning to get H1 stamped in Chennai in April.
    (I also have AP, but would prefer to use the H1B1 )

    In case the process takes too long, due to PIMS, can I cancel this process, get my passport back and enter the United States using AP?


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  • delhirocks
    07-11 09:36 AM
    This is about me. I was photographed yesterday!!

    Good job...proud of you

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  • Libra
    07-09 08:37 PM
    Good one............:D

    he and his some of his staffs are member of IV. {shhhhh that is a secret}


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  • alisa
    06-24 07:00 PM
    if we pursue independent applications (so both spouses have the option to stop working if they want to); is this the way it works:
    - file independent I-485s.
    - whoever stops working changes status to H4 or F1 (depending on what they want to do)
    - if one gets approved, the other withdraws the application made as a primary and files one as a dependent (since the other persons PD would be current at that point). Some lawyers say you can interfile the spouses I-140 at this stage, others say you cant.

    Can you add a dependent after your 485 is approved?
    Also, if I become a beneficiary on my wife's application, will I be able to maintain my H-1 status, and keep on renewing it?

    My wife and I are now leaning towards independent filing, with no beneficiary for now.

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  • raydhan
    01-19 10:47 AM

    Irish Lobbying for immigration reforms.. ILIR supports the Kennedy/McCain bill.

    Immigrationvoice can touch base with them..

    Be careful before contacting this group. If you visit their main website <www.irishlobbyusa.org>, the very first sentence states that, "WHO WE ARE: ILIR has been set up to lobby the US government on behalf of the estimated 40,000 undocumented Irish in the US. ILIR supports the Kennedy/McCain bill".

    So, their fight is primarily geared in support of undocumented (read "Illegal") people.

    We already have enough problems educating common people and lawmakers about the differences between legal and illegal immigrants. Let us not add fuel to the fire ourselves.

    Thats just my personal opinion.

    Good luck.


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  • 27 - Milwaukee Summerfest

  • kriskris
    01-25 11:21 AM
    We are planning to make a trip to Hyderabad, India along with my wife and my little baby boy. After reading all of your experiences, I am not sure which one should I opt for. We have an expired Visa on passport, planning to Use AP. As we are travelling first time with the little baby boy, I am looking for some hassle free flying. I stay pretty closer to Harrisburg, PA ...thanks

    Hi reddy77,
    I recently traveled to Chennai. My H1b visa was expired in my passport and have an approved AP. I traveled through AA (Frankfurt) --> Gulf Airways (Bahrain) --> Madras and ultimately to Tirupati by Car, While going to India no one cared to ask for any documents not even in Frankfurt. By the way if you don't know this, you don't need a TV for Germany if you have AP. While coming back (I just came 2 weeks back), the officer at the Immigration counter looked at my passport and asked me how can i travel to US with an expired US Visa. I didn't give him my AP with my passport coz I was lazy to take AP from my bag. Finally I showed him my AP and he let me in. Now all the officers in India know about AP. They wont be surprised looking at the AP. In Bahrain I had a lay over of about 13 hours. Gulf Air gave me hotel accommodation. At the Bahrain immigration counter, the officer flipped 2-3 pages in my passport and didn't even care to look at my visa/AP. In Frankfurt, while boarding the AA flight to Dallas, the lady at the AA counter verified all my documents even my office badge. If possible carry your office badge/ID card with you. If you don't have one it should be OK because you are not required to carry and you can always tell them that you are not carrying. Since I showed her my AP, she took all my documents including my badge to her supervisor for the approval and finally gave me the boarding pass. In DFW the immigration was like a piece of cake. I was the second person in the queue. CBP officer after taking my finger prints took me to an officer (Secondary Inspection). The officer at the Sec inspection verified all my documents in his system and asked me to show my EAD. After checking my EAD, he said its not mandatory to carry EAD but safe. The whole process took less than 15 minutes. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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  • ilikekilo
    11-02 10:31 AM
    whats hte next step


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  • Hewa
    06-29 02:11 PM
    If USCIS mail room is closed fedex will probably re-attempt to deliver the next business day.

    Guys, Are we sure that Fedex will not deliver on saturday or sunday, what will happen if they deliver, nobody will be at USCIS to accept right, so it will still be opened only on monday ?

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  • mps
    06-10 11:06 AM
    we have lot of folks coming here on B1 and working ..how do you report that?


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  • SunnySurya
    08-07 02:56 PM
    PD porting is another labor sub in making. I hope I have presented my case logically to show who all are the people who are in position to be benefitted by this rule. Of course there will be some genuine cases too but on other hand think about the people in Eb2 line that will be severely affected.

    See, that's the reason I think the lawsuit idea has issues. I suspect the lawsuit may end up making life difficult for a lot of genuine cases without actually achieving what you set out to achieve.

    But I have no data one way or the other.

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  • GCVictim
    08-24 12:37 PM
    If you give my reference we both will get 2 months free.

    Srikanth Vadlakonda
    972-798-0307 (H)


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  • pranju
    06-15 02:40 PM
    Does the A# belong to primary applicant or it can be written in Spouse Application too ?

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  • CADude
    09-14 01:53 PM
    mine put salt in pain :)
    no nothing... our attorneys are absolutely useless in addition to this situation.

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  • Kalpen
    06-26 10:48 AM
    Both me and my wife are here on H1-B visas. I am filing 485 on my own without a lawyer. My wife is going to be my dependent. I have 2 questions:

    Do we both need to fill out I-485s or should I attach a copy of my I-485 alongwith my wife's documents?
    Also, does anyone have a sample covering letter for I-485 application?

    Please reply ASAP.

    07-31 03:57 PM
    just a question on #2 above - if you are filing second AOS with EVL, why not just withdraw the first AOS once you get the receipt? Wouldn't this be safer?
    Sorry for the layman's question, but is there an established process for revoking an AOS application? Thanks for your input!

    01-13 11:54 AM
    Also, I have talked to atleast 3 more Colorado IV members who are going to write the letters in the next couple of days.

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