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Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • royus77
    06-29 04:49 PM
    On the flip side, if this is only a rumor, then USCIS/DOS won't comment at all.


    H1 quota will be over on day 1 also started as a rumor ..however USICS quickly jumped and clarified how they will handle the situation ..i hope the same this time also .

    Only intresting thing is will they accept applications on day 1 and cover their skin ?...Then no body can question DOS/USICS as they always had a reason to defend themself....Guys what ever happens if you can file today thats fine else ..do use fedex same day service and make sure the application will reach b4 5 on monday

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  • jungalee43
    11-14 11:55 AM
    I received standard reply from TSC yesterday. "In absence of A# or SRC number we are unable to locate your file. If you would like to re-submit please quote these numbers......."
    Of course I received my envelope also.

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  • h_shaik
    04-06 01:55 PM
    IV changed the policy....you can get donor access only if you sign up for recurring donation..hope that helps..


    That helps.

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  • ganguteli
    05-09 01:35 PM
    I have news for you (and the certitude with which you make your claims here are laughable). Computer science graduation rates in US went up this year by 6-8%, because the visa caps since 2003 remained at 65000 instead of 195000 creating some demand here. I personally know kids who wanted to go to Computer science, but went for other areas like health care because of the lack of offshoring/H1 etc. If the crooked Indian offshorers and fly-by-night operators are not driving down the wages, more americans will go to computer science, as they would go for a career as MD or Pharmacist or lawyer (almost all those careers need at least 6-8 years of college). They also know that professional associations like AMA or APhA wouldn't allow importing foreign workers by corporations/hospitals on a scale that H1-bs are imported in IT area

    Based on my experience, I wouldn't say that Indian kids have any special skills in maths or science compared to americans. Contrary to what you claim, people are aware of H1s and offshoring(may be so much on the exploitation of L1) as they talk to friends and family and guidance counselors at school. Most of the IT jobs were Indian H1-bs are employed doesn't even need computer science or engineering degree. Some of the best architects I have seen in IT didn't have a computer science major. A green-horn from TCS/INFY with a computer science degree and pretending to be an architect doesn't mean he is the best IT professional available in the market.

    American college kids spend most of their time partying and sex. They do not study. Only a very very few really study. Others just get by because professors are under pressure to pass them. If professors fail them, then no student will take their course or give bad rating that will affect their Tenure track. The education system is just pathetic and thus kids prefer to study arts and commerce. It is because they cannot fathom tough calculus or trigonometry. The pre-college years are spent in Prom nights and losing virginity. Thus these people fail to compete at global level. Only very few are good and they go to good universities. On the other hand international students come after lot of hard work and tough competitive education system. They are well trained to learn even in meagre resources and compete with others. This is the reason international students and immigrants do well in this country and innovate.

    So stop calling your American people as best and brightest. Most of you who come here on this site and live on anti-immigrant sites are middle aged people who cannot get a job anywhere. You guys are just too lazy to study new technologies that is ever changing. You are more interested in having beers and watching football. Go and study and upgrade yourself rather than whining. You will not be able to convince us however much you try here.


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  • dilipcr
    06-14 01:54 PM
    rsharma, l1fraud,

    There is nothing wrong in reporting fraud.
    However your argument that you are reporting it since you cannot tolerate fraud isn't that convincing.

    If you were always against injustice/lawlessness, you will see a lot of it in your daily life. Do you report or take action against each of those ? I don't think so.

    After living in India for long and seeing people put up with all injustice and sometimes doing it themselves, it is hard to believe your argument that you are doing it just for the sake of law.

    I does not matter whether we are exposing L! fraud by these outsourcing companies for the love of law or pure selfishness. As long as there is a greater good out of one's intentions it does not matter what my intentions are.

    I am an architect now and i know for sure that this profile is no longer immune to outsourcing. I am ok with that. I am reconciled with that fact and I am moving on to another field. However, my point is, if you want to outsource take the job to the low wage country. Do not bring low wages here. I am ok if outsourcing would increase because of the Grassley bill. I am not ok if the low wages are dumped in here. I hope you people see the difference.

    My self interest in preventing this dumping of bodies is to ensure that this doesnt happen in the new field I am entering into. Remember, most aspects of manufacturing are outsourced to China. However, I do not see the chinese companies dumping in low wage manufacturing workers here.

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  • sledge_hammer
    07-10 02:13 PM

    Flowers to Convey Hopes and Concerns of Skilled, Legal Immigrants
    Contributed By Karthik Kumaraguru...


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  • apb
    10-06 05:46 PM
    Hi apb..

    Good to see that there is some activity going on our cases..i got the response form USCIS saying that "the case is pending at the USCIS office" dose this means they transfered the case to local office? or still at NBC..dose your message says that the your case has been transfered to "local USCIS office" or just "USCIS office"?..

    My online status says transferred to USCIS office, BUT the mail I got in response to my lost application inquiry stated LOCAL uscis office and that you will be called for interview whenever they are ready.

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  • PD_Dec2002
    06-21 08:20 AM
    I cannot name any lawyers in my post, so I leave it up to you whether to treat this as serious advice or not...

    My lawyer says USCIS does not allow one person to be represented in more than one 485 applications....whether the person is primary or beneficiary.

    My wife's lawyer (I won't name this lawyer either) says there is no prohibition on filing multiple 485s.....however, it's just a waste of money (her opinion).



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  • puddonhead
    06-18 12:34 PM
    Translation: Since my job is not impacted by this issue, I am not interested in reporting this fraud. I will wait, until my job gets affected.

    Is that you have in mind, Mr. PuttonHead


    Well - thanks for your mind reading services! However, I am not sure that is what I implied.

    From 2004 I did not report the fraud since I did not know about it. Right now - I wont report it since I dont want to create disruption in this environment - disruption that can come back to bite me. A year down the line - when the environment and the economy is a little better - you bet I will report it now that I know about it.

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  • Canadian_Dream
    11-25 03:53 PM
    (8) Instead of land, the above applies to stocks as well.

    (9) The actual worth of land or stocks depend largely on supply and demand

    No siree Bob, there is a world of difference in Stock and Land/Real Estate. The value of your land is primarily driven by emotions and other intangible benefits.
    But Stocks are generally driven by future earnings and their value determined by P/E. When you buy a stock in a company: You are buying a future earnings in the form of dividend and an equity in the company. The board, CEO and employees of the company helps you get returns in your investment. For a real estate no one works towards your equity except may be you in backyard or your real estate broker.

    I am not saying stocks are not subject to supply and demand. They indeed are as any other commodity that is traded in a market place. But value of stocks can be more assessed fairly from balance sheet and income statement thus investment is more predictable. What differentiates stock from real estate one is how the value of each is assessed.


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  • bvibhu
    01-24 11:43 AM
    Thanks a lot for sharing your pain. What if I wish to travel through Germany/Netherlands/Swiss/France/UAE? on Advance Parole and if my H type visa is not valid anymore?

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  • chanduv23
    11-06 01:46 PM

    I sent the letters and also invoked the AC21 through a lawyer a month ago. However, inspite of all this, I see a new update for my 140 petition today -


    Current Status: Withdrawal Acknowledgment Notice Sent

    On November 5, 2008, we mailed a notice acknowledging withdrawal of this application or petition I140 IMMIGRANT PETITION FOR ALIEN WORKER. If you have not received the notice within 30 days of November 5, 2008, contact our customer service at 1-800-375-5283. If at some point in the future you wish to pursue the benefits provided by this application or petition, you must file a new application along with all applicable fees and evidence.

    I am not sure if this means that my 485 will be denied shortly...

    This could be a new status message by USCIS when 140 is withdrawn by employer. If I am not worng, the notice that they mailed out, will gop to employer and not you.

    Call customer service to know about ur 485. I am hoping it will be fine as you filed for ac21


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  • cnachu2
    11-03 09:34 AM
    I sent letters to all including VSC. Can u please request to send letters to VSC also. Sicne there are some petetions yet at VSC, ofcourse mine is also at VSC.

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  • GCKaIntezar
    05-19 10:43 PM
    Quick question on 485 processing times (I know a lot of folks have been waiting for couple of years for their processing to complete)

    I checked on the USCIS website, they show that Texas and Nebraska are processing Sep/Oct 2006 cases. How can one gauge a typical processing time at USCIS for 485 applications? Any clues?


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  • ondreaming
    01-11 01:54 PM
    This article on today�s Washington Times about the Boehner vs Blunt race to succeed the former House majority leader, gives some hints on both the people and the organizations pushing the inimmigration issues in the Congress: Immigration vote stirs concern about Boehner

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  • SunnySurya
    11-03 03:22 PM
    Not going anywhere, just providing the updates. We got what we wanted but at the same time did not like the way we got it.
    Please clarify where exactly you are going and whats your proposal. Please be more objective and cut bureaucratic statements.


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  • chanduv23
    08-05 11:34 PM
    Why has AILA not yet filed a class action lawsuit? Why have no lawyers filed a lawsuit on behalf of the entire community?
    Let us ask thiis question to all our lawyers and ask them to communicate to AILA? Speeding up namechecks will truly help immigrants and will annony employers who want to keep us waiting as long as possible.

    This is an open question to all lawyers reading this post. If you can file such a lawsuit, it will be a big help to this community and you will prove to us that you truely care for our cause.

    U kidding??? Very few lawyers go out of the way to do something to further our cause.

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  • sumagiri
    09-23 07:25 PM
    I thought each EB category could get upto 28.6% of 140000 = 40000 visas every fiscal year. So if EB1 uses up 5000 and EB2 takes the remaining 35000 and its annual allotment of 40000, EB3 does not get any spillover.


    knacath, I am hoping that EB2 will be current this year and EB3 begins to get spillover though very little this year.

    Some more specifics

    Annual Quota ------------------------------------------------------------------------> 140,000
    Pending EB1, EB4, EB5----------------------------------------------------------------> 7,653
    Estimate of all categories current applied this year and approved this year -----> 10,000
    Remaining visas -----------------------------------------------------------------------> 122,347
    All pending EB2s (includes retrogressed) -------------------------------------------> 74932
    Remaining visas available to EB3(includes retrogressed) --------------------------> 47415

    The only flaw in above is ignoring CP and assuming all 140K Quota to AOS. The majority of EB1, EB2 and EB3 are AOS. So I am safely ignoring CP. Even if CP is 15% of annual quota as some one put it, EB3 gets its allocated 40K quota and around 65K pending EB2s get out of queue.

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  • sku123
    09-14 08:15 PM
    I believe my green card application has been approved. Just wanted to share the news...

    On September 14, 2010, we mailed you a notice that we had registered this customer's new permanent resident status. Please follow any instructions on the notice. Your new permanent resident card should be mailed within 60 days following this registration or after you complete any ADIT processing referred to in the welcome notice, whichever is later. If you move before receiving your card, please call our customer service center at 1-800-375-5283.

    10-09 04:45 PM
    I am a july 2nd filer and filed my second application on Aug 15th.
    Now that I have got receipts for July 2nd applications, I have put stop payments on the checks on Aug 15th application.
    My hope is that my 2nd application will not be processed.

    Hi, I'm in the same situation. I was afraid that my July 2nd application may be rejected or misplaced or ... so I filed a second application in August. Do you think that it's safe to put a stop payment on the check for the second application? I consulted an immigration attorney on that and he thought that it may negatively affect the first application if the second one is rejected. The attorney's suggestion was to withdraw the second application once the receipt notice is generated. Is there an option to combine both I-485s? Please, let me know what you think. Thanks, Leo

    Disclaimer: The opinion expressed above is the result of my immigration experience and the consultations with immigration attorneys as provided through legalserviceplans.info; in no way it constitutes legal advice

    08-27 01:03 PM
    5000 minutes Limit, I did not know that ................... where does it say in fine print, do you have any link for same.

    Thanks a lot for alerting everyone ...........

    Click below link and look for 5.4 for the same

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