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Saturday, July 2, 2011

jeff bridges tron legacy

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  • Jeff Bridges at quot;TRON: Legacyquot;

  • reddy77
    01-25 09:59 AM
    We are planning to make a trip to Hyderabad, India along with my wife and my little baby boy. After reading all of your experiences, I am not sure which one should I opt for. We have an expired Visa on passport, planning to Use AP. As we are travelling first time with the little baby boy, I am looking for some hassle free flying. I stay pretty closer to Harrisburg, PA ...thanks

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  • The Tron Legacy Trailer

  • vikki76
    10-13 04:42 PM
    I was able to contact NSC using POJ today. Got same response- File is with IO for review.

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  • tron legacy jeff bridges

  • pani_6
    08-22 07:14 PM
    Its very very critcal that this things pass..else..EB-3 jump ship to eb2..to SOS

    It is unfortunate that people don't even try to understand the issue and just go about complaining it.
    Most people can't even differentiate between what is law and what is not. What are difficult things to accomplish and what are not.

    It is absolutely imperative that 5882 pass otherwise the situation will continue to exist.
    Here are the my estimated waits for EB3-I
    PD(end of the calendar year) and its corresponding wait in years
    2001 1 year
    2002 3 years
    2003 4 years (Bad economy in 2002 and early 2003)
    2004 7 years (Case surge in 2003 and 2004 due to booming economy)
    2005 8 years (fewer cases in 2005 due to PERM)
    2006 10 years
    2007 12 years
    2008 .....

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  • sanju
    08-07 09:23 AM
    There is another thread on the issue and some of us think that we do have a case. Initial response from a certain lawyer has been positive.
    The affected parties (i.e. us) need to show damage in certain way and I do have some points that can be used.

    Any lawyer will tell you that you have a case because he wants to make more money. Its like going to Walmart and Walmart telling you that the product does provide value for your family. You take any case to any lawyer, 99.9% lawyers will tell you that you have a case. You go with an idea that you should be the President of the country, they will tell you "Ya I can clearly see why you feel like that and I totally agree, so you may have a case there". My suggestion is, please do not waste your money if some lawyer is saying you that "you have a case". They know that is what you - the potential client, wants to hear.

    Our primary point is that the spirit of law has not been upheld.

    I bet this is what your lawyer told you. Do you realize how vague this term "spirit of the law" is. But, as long as you are ok to put you money in fire, who cares. Go right ahead, knock yourself, I am right behind you and best of luck, you sure need a lot of it. :p


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  • Olivia Wilde and Jeff Bridges

  • nrk
    10-22 04:27 PM
    Isn't it strange, card production ordered mail and Physical card on the same day.

    My coworker and his spouse got both physical card and CPO mail yesterday on the same day itself . His PD is Jan 2005, EB-2 India and Nebraska service center.

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  • TRON: LEGACY – Official Movie

  • ak_2004
    05-06 10:16 PM
    Hi friends,

    My husband and me work for the same company now. He applied in EB3 (India) and PD date with December 2006. I-140 approved and I-485 applied in July 2007. Got EAD and AP for both but still working on H1B (Not used EAD and AP).

    From other company, in 2007, I applied for labor substitution and it is approved yesterday, which has PD Nov 2004 (EB3 - India). One of my friend working for this company and I got the reference last moment and I was not hoping for this approval.

    Now I have to switch to this company as the company management are asking me to join the company. I read many threads in this forum and this thread too about multiple filings of I485s and withdraw one while applying other.

    I read some people had no problems with multiple I-485s. But Murthy's advice is against this while others like Rajiv in favour of this.

    Please advice me what could be the best in my case.

    I have PG in engineering (CS) from India.

    Thanks in advance


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  • TRON: LEGACY – Official Movie

  • gc__aspirant
    05-04 01:26 PM
    Hi there,

    My app for I485/EAD/AP were sent by 2nd day air to Nebraska center on 04/24/07 and they received it on 04/25 (As per UPS tracking status). But, so far i have not received any receipt numbers for any of the apps for me or my spouse.

    Another question, i got my I140 approved from Texas center although filed at NSC (premium processing). Will my I485 apps also be handled by Texas or they are independent?


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  • Jeff Bridges is amazing.

  • sri1309
    03-11 11:38 AM
    My company is checking with some contacts how to push the idea. Recently we contacted competeamerica.org.

    Look at my reds. I gave you green and I used to have 2 greens at that time. Man, these guys dont want us to give any ideas. They just want us to wait till economy picks up..
    With these two reds, I cannoit continue on this forum site anymore.. good bye guys..


    I dont care.. who cares these reds anyways.. Do the right thing.. We get reds all the time at work, game and everyhere.. I failed in two subjects in my 8th grade and lost a year.. Now I did my PhD from a top school in US.. Dont get cowed down..
    These reds are sometimes to discourage efforts by some people whose interests differ from ours. I am not mad at anyone..
    "Aage bado"..
    But please someone give me some greens.. looks like I cannot green anyone unless I have some myself..

    u r not bad... read your previous posts to give you a green..


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  • Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn

  • prem_goel
    04-07 08:12 AM
    I think this is very well said. As much as I'd want the predictions to come true, somehow I sense the same observation as below. It appears this has been said in the past, but all we see is very little movement. Secondly, as I recall, DOS had hinted that there'll be advance for EB2 India, I don't know if they mentioned EB2 China? Has anyone seen DOS themselves talking about EB2 C? The reason I am raising this here, is that maybe when DOS had said "substantial movement for EB2 India", did they mean that India will move to China's date (From May to Jul 06, 3 months movement)?


    We rode the same wave even last year with many of the same Guru;s predicting the same movement to 2007 and what we saw 2 weeks movement . There was one person called QSHEMK who after that went completely out of the picture or has rejoined with a new name .

    Also I have analyzed that people who have a date in 2008 somehow predict that the dates might move to 2008 and people who have a PD of July predict that dates will move to August . This is just an observation and nothing more , and if you go through the threads thats exactly what you will see.

    I will be equally benefited as you all will if the predictions come true , but be well prepared for a major heartbreak also like last year .

    While it takes a lot of effort from some of the members to crunch such numbers I would be first to extend my sincere gratitude to them for doing this , I would also recommend you all to take the analysis and predictions with a grain of salt and not to raise your hopes too much on these predictions.

    It has seldom worked for the last 6 years at least . Hope it does this time . I speak from experience in IV since 2006.

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  • Canadian_Dream
    06-29 07:39 PM
    Allowing to file on July 02 or July 03 depends on visa numbers available which in turn depends usage the preceding month. If all the numbers are used up (meaning Immigration Officers have requested visas from DOS in the process of approving pending I-485) they cannot allow anyone to file on July 02 or July 03 and so on.
    I guess currently race is on from USCIS to consume Visa numbers (40,000 or so) from DOS at unprecedented pace. That's why bulletin hasn't changed as yet. USCIS on its part is possibly trying to avoid flood of application at all cost, even if it requires working extra hours (and approving as many cases as possible) if it can save them later. DOS will NOT move the date back until the numbers are used up or near used up. I guess race is on....we will know on Monday. One way to know how true this is will be watching I-485 approvals from now till Monday. We are caught in the tug of war between USCIS and DOS. CIRCus isn't over yesterday....it is back in town again !!!

    For the nth time.. numbers are reduced only after approval and not based on receipt of application. So if you can submit it on July 2nd you submit it on 3rd and so on.


    jeff bridges tron legacy. Jeff Bridges - quot;TRON: Legacyquot;
  • Jeff Bridges - quot;TRON: Legacyquot;

  • psaxena
    09-23 06:25 PM
    The numbers are based of the I-485 already filed. Please read the heading of the page 5

    That's exactly what I wrote a few posts above. I think the more basic question is - What does 485 inventory mean? Is it already filed 485 numbers or "can be filed based on approved I-140" numbers?

    To the OP: Can you provide the link from where we can open the PDF instead of just throwing the PDF open. Maybe that will provide a better context to the numbers.

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  • whitecollarslave
    03-27 04:23 PM
    IMHO you misinterpreted the memo. An employer can definitely choose not to hire based on immigration status. This has happened in the past (circa 2001) and evidently many employers do not hire H1B or any employees that require "job related" sponsorship. From the same link, in the next para it says that employers can clearly specify that they will NOT do sponsorship without violating the law. The only question is what is considered a sponsorship, any restricted position (in terms of job responsibility) can constitute a sponsorship (where by employers have legal burden beyond what it takes to hire a US Citizien/Permanent Resident for the same position). H1B definitely falls into this category and EAD borders that category. I am not an expert in labor laws but my experience says that employers have too much control on who they want to hire they can get by with almost anything. The biggest hurdle against any law suit is, EAD is an obscure document with very little clarity about rights that come with it and its usage. It was supposed to be an interim document whose usage only now is becoming main stream. May be one law suit or precedent will clarify it all. But once again employers will get by it the same way they get by with age, ethic, gender and racial descrimination.

    Thanks for pointing this out. But you are confusing EAD with H-1B. You are right to quote that its legal to refuse employment to somebody who requires sponsorship (H-1B). That does not mean that refusing somebody with EAD is also legal. Your assumption or conclusion about that is not true. As soon as you use EAD you lose your H-1 status. EAD is not tied to H-1Bs or EB immigrants. EAD is issued to a whole bunch of immigrant types including refugees, FB, etc. There is no sponsorship required to hire somebody on EAD. A letter of job duties is a whole different story and nothing to do with hiring practice.

    There is nothing obscure about EAD. Employment Authorization Document - if you have it, its valid for work anywhere in the US. Whats the use of EAD if employers won't accept it? What you say about EAD's usage becoming main stream only recently is not true. We need to start thinking outside the box of EB/H-1B, and so should the recruiters. It maybe true that the IT recruiters who normally hire people on either H-1B or green cards are now having people with EADs. But they are ignorant and they are breaking the law by having a policy to not hire somebody on EAD.

    You are right, employers do have a lot of control in who they can hire. But they CANNOT pick and choose based on nationality, race, etc. Same way, as per Federal law, they CANNOT choose people who have only green card and reject somebody who has an EAD. (See the question from FAQ I posted earlier). If an employer says that they will not hire somebody on EAD, they are refusing to hire not just EB immigrants but also refugees, agricultural workers, FB immigrants. That is crystal clear discrimination as per Federal law.

    The only thing that may create a problem is if the DHS and the Federal law treats a EB immigrant with an EAD differently than a FB, refugee or other immigrant with an EAD. (I had asked about this earlier)

    I appreciate that you guys bring out opposing views but I am saddened by the attitude of our community of being helpless and not believing in our rights. It bothers me to know that the highly educated members of such an affluent community will surrender without even trying. This has nothing to do with the state of labor market. Wake up folks! The Federal government has a whole agency to protect people against such discrimination, and we are here speculating on nuances. If somebody denied you employment on EAD, just talk to them and see what they say. You don't need anything in writing.

    What would you do if the same employers told you that they will not hire you simply because you wear a turban or you are from China (or Bulgaria or Pakistan)?


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  • ss777
    03-18 09:31 AM
    Thanks for your response. I agree with your point that "what uscis wants" prevails. I was trying to see if its possible to make sure EAD & AP are based on 485 with an approved underlying 140. I am not trying to get "multiple EAD/AP". Only trying to renew at the expiration of current once and trying to see if that can be based on new 485. My A# is same for both 485's
    My questions again:
    1. When I renew EAD/AP should I check that its renewal or initial application option.
    2. How can I make sure (atleast try) the new EAD/AP will not be tied to old 485 but the new one (will send the new 485 receipt & 140 approval notice).

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  • eb_retrogession
    01-31 04:00 PM


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  • optimystic
    08-21 08:53 PM
    current Visa bullettin does not give any info about next months...its talks about other workers..can you point to the sentence where it says it going to be april01-nov 01??..

    Besides..you have been waiting very long from 01..just like me..incruiating..wait..

    Here's a quote from the Sept Visa bulletin http://travel.state.gov/visa/frvi/bulletin/bulletin_4328.html

    The Mexico F2A and Employment Third preference cut-off dates are �unavailable� for both August and September, since those FY-2008 annual limits have been reached. The Visa Office had originally anticipated that this would be a temporary situation. Then with the start of the new fiscal year in October the cut-off dates would have returned to those which had applied during June. However, continued heavy demand in those categories may require the establishment of cut-off dates which are earlier than those which had applied in June. A formal decision determination of the October cut-off dates will not be possible until early September.

    June cutoff for EB3-I was Nov 2001. So worse than this means, the cutoff will be eariler than Nov 2001. And I picked Apr 2001 as the lower bound just because, Apr 2001 is a very well known time frame where the PDs just hung there forever for EB3....dig around in the forums to know more about Apr 2001 and its relation to EB3, backlogs, etc....

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  • JS2225
    08-13 04:11 PM
    I just received CPO email.

    My case details:

    EB2 I, PD 22 Dec 2005 filed in NSC.
    Lawyer sent an email on 8/3. I opened SR on 8/9. Not sure which one worked.



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  • prinive
    07-09 06:36 PM
    The campaign already made the point. Guys this campaign is great sucess. we are able to get a massage from the lion from its den. :rolleyes:

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  • alisa
    06-21 03:10 PM
    In 2004, a friend moved within the same Multinational company (A) from one business (A1) to another (A2). The HR department did not apply for an H1 transfer assuming that one was not needed, and the friend worked for a few months before the business A2 was sold off, and the new company realized the mistake, and filed for her H1 transfer, which was approved. The new company then filed for her labor and got her I-140 approved.

    Can the friend now file for AOS? Was the period that she worked for A2 'unauthorized'? Does that preclude her from adjusting her status now?

    I am guessing that a lot of employers/people might have made similar mistakes through no faults of their own. Whats the solution here?

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  • Milind123
    07-18 11:24 PM
    Can he be sued for repeatedly misreporting facts?
    Of course he can be sued. You just need to prove that you were harmed by his inane comments.

    09-15 01:28 PM
    Got an InfoPass scheduled, and created a SR. This is taking way too long, and now April + May approvals are rolling in...


    Can someone please post the steps to open an SR and get an Infopass? I may have a biometrics appointment coming up soon. Can they help with application status questions?


    08-06 08:04 PM
    See the final results http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showthread.php?p=300225#post300225

    Original Message:

    There is a difference between laws and regulations. Laws are what in INA (Immigration and Naturalization Act) and Regulations are what in CFR.
    It takes congress and senate to change laws where as it takes discretion to change regulations. And the good news is that discretion can be challenged.
    There is another thread on the issue and some of us think that we do have a case. Initial response from a certain lawyer has been positive.
    The affected parties (i.e. us) need to show damage in certain way and I do have some points that can be used. Our primary point is that the spirit of law has not been upheld.

    Following are the steps in making this a reality:
    a) Gather around 50 people
    b) Develop and finalize draft of the case. Rolling_Flood has a initial draft.
    c) Hold initial consultation with a lawyer.
    d) Decide as a team if we want to continue.
    e) File a class action suit or next course of action
    (as of 08-29-08 , we have dropped the idea of lawsuit and are pursuing other avenues)
    Not sure what is the total cost but given the years of wait and uncertainty $500 per person should be reasonable. I will also create a yahoo group to start these discussions.

    If you already have applied in EB2 you won't be affected.
    If you have a Masters you won't be affected.

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