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Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • garybanz
    01-08 10:00 AM
    Pls feel free to change the text of the letter and personalize it if you wish. If you wish to include your story and attach a photo copy of your degrees, patents, awards, please do so. Just make sure to include the provisions we are trying to push.

    If you are handwriting the letter, your writing should be legible. If nobody can read your writing, then it will defeat the purpose. Write the letter in such a way that the key points are easy to read. If you would like to use rules, bold text, highlighters etc... go ahead and do it.

    We all need to be as creative as possible to make this campaign a success.

    Some of the feedback we got when we met our legislators here in Dallas was, when ever we send letters of these kinds they get much more attention when

    1) The letter has a personal story in it
    2) Letter is hand written

    If the letter is hand written and has a personal story in it (along with the IV agenda) then it's likely that some one will read it. On the other hand if it's just a printed copy of a standard letter then it's just going to get tossed into a bin.

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  • fatjoe
    10-26 03:52 PM
    Hi meghanap: Thanks for your useful info.
    I am the primary applicant. Mine and kid's case is at TSC, but my spouse's case transferred to Detroit offcie , for the interview. We had the interview 4 months ago, and the DAO said that she would recommend my spouse's case for approval, however it has to wait until the approval of my app. My kid and I got the approval on Oct 22.
    So, now do I have to take an infopass, and request for the yellow form to get approval on the case. Do we get approval from local USCIS office itself or will it come back to TSC? Do you know how long would it take for the approval to come. Or can I call Senator, Ombudsmand, ans start all those cr.. again.
    This info is for the cases who had the interview local USCIS offices where they live.
    After interview ,pls take info pass for every 2 or 3 weeks and when you meet infopass officer, please fill up one yellow form (this form used to send any request to any other department who handled 485 cases.) to adjudicate your case.Make sure you give your i-485 copies and i-140 copies, You can write at least 5 or 6 sentences at the end of the yellow form to supervisor epalining when u r intervew is completed ,,u r PD is current etc etc.

    The way it works like this :
    The dept that takes care i-485 interviews is different from the dept infopass officers in local office.Even though they are in same office, the only way infopass officers can send request the 485 dept is using the yellow form..Pls request for it. Then most of the times info pass officer fils up the form and you will add any additional info at the end of the form. Then infopass officer will send the form to 485 dept supervisor.Supervisor will see the yellow form..if you are lucky he/she wil take action imediatly..otherwise go again after 2 weeks..Request the info pass officer twice or thrice..

    This helped me...

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  • addsf345
    10-09 06:10 PM
    Your router may have the problem.
    You need to buy a good router. Your phone is good with long range.

    WiFi is 2.4 GHZ.

    5.8 GHZ phone will have many disadvantages.

    The BEST choice for cordless phone for range, and lack of interfearance is a DECT phone.. the 1.9Ghz range is a licenced radio frequency for the exclusive use of cordless phones, unlike any other cordless phone frequency (900Mhz, 2.4Ghz, 5.8Ghz.) and as it is lower in frequency (aside from 900 Mhz) it operates with the furthest distance than any cordless phone.

    I am using DECT phone. It is mentioned as DECT 6.0

    is it same as 1.9GHz or different 6.0 GHz?

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  • bazuka6
    10-29 11:21 PM
    From IV: IV commends the initiative taken by it's members nk2006, pd_recpaturing, ItsNotfunny and others. As these members have observed, we all know that any one who has filed for AOS/I-485 can potentially be hit with this issue, especially in the current job market situations. If you believe in the old adage prevention is better than cure, this is an action item you have to subscribe to. It will be only a matter of time the number of such denials is going to spike.

    In recent weeks there has been a spate of I485 denials by USCIS in the AC21 cases. In most of these cases, the underlying I-140 has been revoked by previous employer. But AC21 regulations and related memo�s require that I485�s should not be denied based on that � provided I485 has been pending for more than 180 days and the applicant has changed to a new job that is same or similar. USCIS has been rejecting cases without even issuing a NOID � again required by AC21 regulations. So USCIS is not following AC21 regulations and related field memo�s for whatever the reasons.

    Obviously this will have a very bad impact on us � in addition to tremendous amount of stress it can have very bad economic implications including loss of job. In the current economic conditions we cannot afford to lose the job change flexibility provided by AC21 regulations. IV has started a campaign to fight this.

    After a brief campaign to write to Ombudsman, it has been decided to intensify this campaign and write to various officials in USCIS hierarchy. IV core members have been actively involved in coming up with a strategy and are actively supporting this effort. By sending large number of letters we can draw their attention to this issue and resolve as quickly as possible. There are other strategies that are being discussed and will be underway soon to tackle this issue. This is the first and the most important step up on which other steps depend.

    I request all the members to start sending the following 4 letters. For your convenience the letters have been completely written including addresses to be sent � all you have to do is download following 4 google documents � add the date, your name and address � and send it to the address provided on each letter.





    To reiterate: You have to send 4 letters � these letters can be downloaded at the above URL�s. Edit the document to add current date, name, address etc. and mail it (regular mail). After doing that, please update the poll so we know how many letters are being sent.

    To get more background on this issue and see what has been done so far, please see these two threads: http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showthread.php?t=22052;

    To achieve positive results we need to send these letters in large numbers - please send them today and let everyone else be aware of this effort. Thank you.

    Request to core/web site admin: can you please add a link to this thread on the IV main page to get better coverage to this campaign - thanks.

    Please change Dear Madam to Dear Ms. Velarde....

    Madam can be taken out of context (esp in Washington ;) )

    I mailed all 4 after changes


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  • prasadn
    09-23 05:07 PM
    A basic question - Are the months that the numbers are slotted into for the Priority Dates? or are they the recept date or something else....?

    If PD, then how come there are numbers for 2008 and 2009? The PD has never been current since July 2007....

    Questions & Answers: Pending Employment-Based Form I-485 Inventory

    Q: Why is the wait so long for my employment-based green card?

    A: A visa must be available before a person can obtain an employment-based green card. Because more people want a green card than there are visas available, not everyone who wants a green card can get one immediately. Therefore, some people have to wait in line until a visa is available. The U.S. Department of State (DOS) gives out 140,000 employment-based visas each year. About 85% of those visas go to people seeking a green card in the United States, while about 15% go to people seeking to immigrate from abroad. Currently, about 234,000 people have employment-based adjustment of status (green card) applications pending in the United States and are waiting to get a visa. How long you wait for a visa depends on the supply and demand for your particular preference category, your priority date, and the country your visa will be charged to, usually your country of birth.

    Q: How can I determine my place in line based on my priority date?

    A: Your preference category, priority date, and country of origin determine your place in line for a visa. The earlier your priority date is, the closer you are to the front of the line. To better assist you in knowing your place in line, we are posting a report of our total pending inventory of applications for employment-based green cards (Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status) for those seeking to adjust status in the United States. See the �Pending Employment-Based Form I-485 Report� link to the right. We are also posting five other reports by country of chargeability (China, India, Mexico, Philippines, and All Other Chargeability) (see the links to the right).

    The �Pending Employment-Based Form I-485 Report,� displays the total number of pending adjustment of status applications, per preference classification. The report shows how many pending adjustment of status (green card) applications in each preference classification have priority dates in a given month and year. You can use this chart to determine how many applicants in your preference classification have priority dates in the same month and year as your own. Also, you can determine how many applicants in your preference classification are ahead of you in line for a visa number by adding together the number of cases with an earlier priority date than your own.

    The All Other Chargeability report shows how many applicants from countries other than China, India, Mexico, and the Philippines have priority dates in a given month and year. The report is broken down into separate charts for each preference classification. If you are from a country other than China, India, Mexico, or the Philippines, you can use this chart to determine how many applicants for adjustment of status in the same preference classification have a priority date in the same month and year as your own. This chart also lets you know how many applicants in the same preference classification have earlier priority dates.

    Because of historically higher demand for visas from China, India, Mexico, and the Philippines, each of those countries has its own separate report. As published in the DOS Visa Bulletin, applicants from those countries will need to have earlier priority dates than like applicants from other countries to get a visa in any given month. If you are from China, India, Mexico, or the Philippines, you may want to use the report for your particular country. Your country report will show you how many applicants from the same country and preference classification have a priority date in the same month and year as your own. The report will also let you know how many applicants from the same country and preference classification have earlier priority dates.

    Q: Which report should I use, the Pending Employment-Based Form I-485 Report or the country-specific reports?

    A: All applicants for an employment-based green card may use the pending Form I-485 report to determine their place in line for a visa. Because certain countries experience higher demand than others, applicants in these �oversubscribed� countries may move forward in line more slowly than applicants in countries experiencing less demand. In other words, in order to obtain a visa, applicants in oversubscribed countries may need to have earlier priority dates than applicants in countries experiencing less demand. Applicants in oversubscribed countries may therefore want to also refer to the report for their specific country of chargeability to determine where they stand in line with other applicants from that country.

    Q: What information do I need to have before using the pending Form I-485 inventory reports?

    A: You need to know your priority date and your preference category to use the pending Form I-485 inventory reports. For more information on priority dates and preference categories, see the �Visa Availability & Priority Dates� and �Green Card Eligibility� links to the right.

    Q: How do I read the pending I-485 inventory reports?

    A: First, click on the link to the report you want to view. Once you click on the link, the report will appear and you will see a series of charts, one for each preference category. You will see that each chart has different numbers for each month and year. These numbers show how many green card applicants have priority dates in that month and year. To figure out how many applicants have earlier priority dates, add all the numbers from all the cells that correspond to earlier months.

    Q: Can you tell me when I will get a visa?

    A: Unfortunately, we cannot determine how long it will take for you to get a visa. However, we hope that by showing applicants with a pending Form I-485 where they stand in line to get a visa, you will get a better sense of how long it may take. We intend to update the data in these reports quarterly. By comparing newer versions of the reports with older ones, you may see that the number of applicants ahead of you has gotten smaller, and you may be able to tell how much shorter the line has become. We hope this will give you an even better sense of how long it may take for you to get a visa.

    Q: Can you provide me an example of how to use the pending Form I-485 inventory charts?

    A: Assume your priority date is in January 2007, your petition was approved for third preference, and you are from China. Using the Sample �Pending Employment-Based Form I-485 Report,� below you will see on the third preference chart that there are 2,618 applicants with a priority date in the same month and year as your priority date.

    If you want to find out how many third-preference green card applicants have an earlier priority date than yours, you will need to add all the numbers starting with the number at the beginning of the table, January 1997, and ending with the number immediately before the month and year of your own priority date, December 2006. You will see that there are 131,341 third-preference applicants who have a priority date earlier than yours.

    Q: How do I know how many applicants from my country have an earlier priority date than mine?

    A: Assume your priority date is in June 2005, your petition was approved for third preference, and you are from India. Using the Sample �I-485 Inventory for Individuals Born in India Report� below, you will see that there are 175 green card applicants from India with a priority date in June 2005.

    To find out how many applicants born in India have an earlier priority date than yours, add all the numbers starting at January 1997 and ending at May 2005. You will see that there are 42,796 third-preference applicants from India with a priority date earlier than yours.
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  • Mahatma
    08-09 01:55 PM
    This is my view about how USCIS has messed up in name check delays.

    Name check PROGRAM that they might be using takes into account phoenetic spelling of FIRST and LAST NAME. Now just imagine, if your name is broken into 100 different spelling combinations and when your entire BIRTH YEAR IS checked against the databse--it will be surprising if there are no HITS. And to resolve those hits, pre-1995 records needs to be serached manually. There is no responsibility or time commitment by FBI or USCIS for the delay.
    This might be true for Asian names. The argument is-- the names in the databse are translations and therefore, they need to check accordingly.

    I BET they are not doing this for AMERICAN names, I mean for passport approval, they do not apply phoenetic program. I remember that FBI testimony included the discussion that they have set up appropriate filters for passport applicants (american citizens) so that unnecessary hits are avoided. Now this is my view and a discussion point. I may be wrong too.

    In effect, Indian and Chinese professionals are deprived of immigration benefits.

    Equally controversial is per country limitations in EB categories. If you do not select based on country of origin, you should not be subjected to per country limits because you are working for an american company and you are going to be american. Any demographic adjustment need to be made in diversity visa lottery.

    This retrogression in effect deprives Indian and Chinese professionals of their benefits.

    Justice and fairness has it that these problems need to be addressed. Abundant common sense and deeply practical approach that USA has, I am sure above problems will find attention. This great nation has always supported JUST and FAIR rules.


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  • addsf345
    11-10 05:51 PM
    Guys do it ASAP.
    It's just $1.26

    I have printed my docs and will be in mailbox by tonight. Thanks to all & GO IV

    note: also forwarded to all my friends in same boat

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  • dontcareaboutGC
    04-05 03:10 PM
    I am posting this from Ron Gotcher's forum-

    "Cite as "AILA InfoNet Doc. No. 11040563 (posted Apr. 5, 2011)"

    Following-up on his earlier observations on EB-1 demand and "spill-down" to EB-2 reported on InfoNet on March 29, 2011 (InfoNet Doc. No. 11032960), Charlie Oppenheim discussed scenarios for EB-2 movement in the coming months. In preparation of the May 2011 Visa Bulletin, DOS will consider the approximately 12,000 unused EB-1 numbers that will "spill-down" to EB-2, EB-2 demand and possible unused numbers, and will consult with USCIS on its processing potential. A quick look by DOS at this point indicates that there is the possibility for greater advancement of the India EB-2 category than had earlier been thought. Doing so will give DOS better visibility into EB-3 upgrade demand in the pipeline, and will better ensure that all visas allowed annually are used. However, a rapid advance could spur a surge in demand that could impact the cut-off dates later in the year. The May Visa Bulletin, generally issued mid-April, will contain a discussion of visa availability projections for the remainder of the year.


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  • needhelp!
    01-11 03:25 PM
    So thats just somebody's interpretation of letter campaign. Perhaps one of the enthusiasts over here should post something over there differentiating the goals of the letter campaign from illegal immigration along with all the arguments posted here and explain that their interpretation is incorrect.

    Why not take it upon yourself to help out?

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  • JImmigrant
    09-20 12:16 PM
    We had soft LUD's on Sep 4th on all I-485 applications in my family and on the (July 2007) EAD for my spouse. My PD is Feb 2007.


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  • Green_Print
    07-11 03:00 AM
    I saw posts of several members extremely skeptical of the whole idea, even went on calling it stupid, crazy and useless. Some made mockery suggesting sending dead fish etc. I don't see any more posts from them.

    Keeping mum now are we, eh?:rolleyes:

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  • singhsa3
    08-20 08:27 PM
    What are u guys trying to acheive and how will this help EB3 India?
    This is awesome lead. It suggests that barring 203 (which does not talk much about per-country limits) and paragraph 2 (which goes moot when there is spill-over), there should be no discrimination. But does the anti-discrimination apply to "qualification requirements" ?? That will be the counter argument against applying this section.


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  • rajesh_kamisetty
    07-10 09:45 PM
    Oh website refers incorrect website address. I hope that's not a big deal.

    "This camapaign has been initiated and pushed ahead by the immigrationinvoice.com group. Salute to the members of this group for the job well done."

    Matthew Oh mentions Immigration Voice on his website and links to our site. He reports the response of Emilio Gonzalez to the flower campaign. Matthew writes "Salute to the members of this group for the job well done". :)


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  • webm
    03-26 01:23 PM
    My wife recently started working using EAD. The HR folks there are well aware of EAD as there are people already working there on EAD. They did not have any issues with EAD. The only thing that they were saying from the begining is that they cannot sponser H1B and also the only thing they asked is whether she work authorization in this country. When she submmited the I9 form, the HR person just remained her to send the copy of EAD everytime she renews it

    Its the same situation happened for us too..


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  • nk2006
    11-06 09:27 AM
    Keep sending the letters. For all our future action items on this issue - its most important to send large number of letters so officials are aware of its effects and the related concern.

    I think 100 or so letters are not going to have that kind of effect; we need several hundreds if not thousands. We are a 30K member organization - we can do better than what we are doing now.

    If you havent sent the letters already please do so today, it wont take more than a few minutes.

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  • Canadian_Dream
    12-06 08:07 PM
    Yes I had one pending and no RFE was received for either. My lawyer is expecting a notification from USCIS stating the second one is withdrawn.

    congratulations! So you had the second I-485 still pending when teh first one got approved? Did you get any RFE about it from USCIS or were you asked to withdraw one of the petitions?


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  • qvadis
    08-21 05:12 PM
    In my opinion it is very naive to think that USCIS/DOL just realized that they had 'misinterpreted' the law. They had made it very clear how they allocated 'available' visa numbers after AC-21 was introduced, and I am sure they consulted with the law-makers.

    It's almost funny to read that they consulted with today congress. How would they now of the intentions of the congress in 2000?

    According to Ron's post, 70% are from India and China, and Mexico is also reaching the ceiling. They realized that the only way to shift those numbers is to give more visas to India and China. The ambiguity of the law for the preference of vertical vs. horizontal spill-over allowed them to do that.

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  • jonty_11
    06-29 05:27 PM
    If AILA is telling that means there is 50% chance of rumors becoming true. If the rumors are true then State Dept and USCIS mismanaged visa numbers. Anyhow wait and see couple of days
    what stats do u have to support the 50% number??

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  • unseenguy
    06-19 02:43 AM
    No. My mom taught me how to mess with morons like you so they sulk like a little girl and respond to my pushing their buttons with a deluge of posts on this forum :D

    So teri maiiya kaunse jungle me chudwake aaye jo tu paida ho gaya? Condom phat gaya tha kya? :)

    see how mean spirited guy you are? Thats a very good language skill man. I see whose button is pushed where.

    03-10 09:07 AM
    You have to be kidding! Here people are crying to get there EAD's extended and you think the Govt will give us citizenship???

    Please i suggest everyone to wake up and smell the coffee/chai.

    If you think giving us citizenship will be easy becoz it will prop up their vote bank think again coz it will never happen. Imagine the headlines which says recession time 10M americans out of job, foreign workers to get citizenship LMAO!

    Forget this ever happening in a recession time and not much of a chance in the boom time either, see how the Anti-Immi's will eat everyone up for this ridiculous suggestion, please remember we're nothing in the larger scheme of things for the decision making people, we need to understand our limitation and strengths and play by them, IV does a decent job of that.
    Do think rationally before coming up with ridiculous ideas like giving senators free pizza or asking for-direct citizenship. lol.

    I strongly support this thread and the message. Lets make an action plan how to pursue this.

    Devils_Advocate: I know your type. But you must also understand that unless the line in front of you is cleared, you and I will go down the drain. You are talking about EAD. I dont even have that, yet I support this.
    Your thinking appears narrow minded. Wake up.

    04-05 04:58 PM
    If I am not wrong, buffering wud be to take in new 485 applications, process them and keep them ready.

    In that context, most of the applications till 07/07 have been preadjudicated, new buffer wud require dates to be pushed to 07/07 or later.

    I would think they move to 07/07 first to see any missing demand to appear in the next month or two and then move significantly, if needed, in the final quarter!

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