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Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • maddipati1
    11-10 09:15 PM
    i did exactly same. sent 4 each for me and my wife, emailed to friends too.

    althought i might not use AC21, this is a major major issue guys!

    All the fruits of July Fiasco are gone, if this is not stopped.

    this is essential for everyone, especially in this economy.

    this is something that works, coz its just letting the idiots know what they should be doing in the first place.

    come on guys! 5 minutes and couple of $$, thats all it takes.

    I have printed my docs and will be in mailbox by tonight. Thanks to all & GO IV

    note: also forwarded to all my friends in same boat

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  • needhelp!
    01-11 02:44 PM
    furthering the displacement of skilled American workers (programmers, engineers, scientists, etc.)How will I displace an American worker if I get a green card sooner? I am already here and already doing a job that DOL certified no other American is willing qualified or able to do!! :D

    This is beyond ridiculous!!

    Guys we need to send in our letters!!

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  • h1b_forever
    06-10 01:48 PM
    We as a community should oppose major violation done by these consulting firms.
    The only reason these companies send people on L1 is to keep them as bonded labour giving them no chance to switch jobs. These companies can always apply for H1b for such folks, there are enough H1 visas available this year.

    There is a reason there are two visa categories L1 and H1. They should not be used to circumvent immigration laws.

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  • hpandey
    06-15 10:14 AM
    Of course yes its for our interest BUT don't forget that its against a violation. Tomorrow if the same organization brings resources in H-1B/EAD/GC/Citizenship we are not going to complain about it ... because its within whats allowed by the law, I think thats the purpose of having rules ... to have a fair playing ground ... think abt the havoc/chaos these companies could create by bringing people without any visa (illegally across borders) and talk about 'closing the doors and me not brought up that way', do you think that anyone including you would support that???. Here the purpose of L-1B visa is misused and blindly violated, so lets move in the right direction, we are not asking all L-1B visas to be banned BUT to investigate the abusal of that visa category and we are just pointing out the incidents where we think its getting violated. Lets see who is on right/wrong side. We'll leave the decision part to ICE/USCIS/Other agencies involved.

    L1fraud - what GC28... is saying is for DilipCr and not for you . Mr. Dilip has been touting himself as a highly skilled individual who is applying for citizenship now and wants that the rules should be made so hard now that no one else from India ( or for that matter anywhere else in the world is able to get EB GC ) . He says that most of the H1's and L1's are not BEST and the BRIGHTEST according to him .


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  • pat123
    10-05 02:24 PM
    At last, after 10.5 years, 4 employers, 2 Labor filings, 1 Perm and 2 -I 140 (One from my employer and one from my spouse employer),1 - I485 filing, 2 SR, 1 senator request, 1 infopass - Got the mail - CARD PRODUCTION ORDERED for self, spouse and son.
    What to do now? I dont know, for the last many years, used to think everyday about this 'CARD' and now nothing else to think about. May be, I should start thinnking about ????
    But for now, Just going to relax and savor the moment.

    Thanks for all the Guys, Gurus, Seniors, Juniors and all who contributed to the various discussions. I am pretty sure that I cannot stop logging to this website even I got my 'Card'. I will try to help you guys in some way or the other.

    My priority date : April 25 2006 Eb2
    Received date: Aug 08 2007
    Notice date: Sep 19 2007
    I485 Approval date : Oct 4 2010

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  • tanu_75
    04-01 01:06 PM
    OK, DOS buffer issue.

    A. LAW. If there is no inventory in EB2 I/C (meaning demand). Theoretically DOS should make EB2 I/C CURRENT. DOS/CIS are not that dumb, or at least as dumb as before. I would say, they are very competent now and we should appreciate their work, pre-adjudicate, publish demand data (DOS), inventory data (CIS) processing time (DOS). THEY know, from PERM, I-140, there are at least 2K demand permonth from EB2 I/C. SO they will just safely move a couple of month of PD to make sure there is demand >2800 for India/China, so they don't have to make it CURRENT (per law)

    If it is the law that they need to make it current, then if they don't, they are opening themselves to a strong possibility of a class-action lawsuit.


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  • rangaswamy
    03-31 06:51 PM
    On an unrelated note, is there anything to gain from writing to congressmen and asking them to check on the case when it is current?

    What do you state in the letter while requesting them to check with USCIS? I remember some folks did write to their congressmen last year around June/july when they were current.

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  • Calouste
    07-15 04:44 PM
    There's an interesting blog about Lou Dobbs' "inaccuracies" here:



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  • lifestrikes
    09-29 01:02 PM
    Vonage unlimited call to India for $18 per month.

    Vonage Free Calls to India - $18 Per Month Only | Go RTP (http://www.gortp.com/vonage-free-calls-to-india/)

    Just by using the referral and discounts.

    I have been using vonage for last 5 years, sometimes when network connection is bad in India, voice will not be clear ( vonage to vonage).

    dialing India number from landline phone ( speed dial) has different feeling than going through Reliance or Airtel.

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  • krishmunn
    04-01 03:00 PM
    Quote from Shusterman's newsletter --- "According to our calculations, EB-2 priority dates for India and China may advance not just weeks or months, but years!"


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  • EkAurAaya
    05-22 04:10 PM

    My name on the birth certificate is "girl". What should I do correct it. I was reading on the forums, that we can get a written statement saying that the name was not decided when I was born. And submit that along with high school mark sheets etc. Are there any other things that could rectify this error.

    2 choices... you can change your name to "girl" OR just get "Birth Affidavit", you should check with your lawyer on the latter.

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  • belmontboy
    09-23 05:06 PM
    So for EB-3 we have 1630 from 01, and 8300 from 02 and 12500 from 03..how long would this take to clear given EB 3 allotment??. every year??.

    With horizontal spillover, things don't look good for EB3-I in 2009-2010.
    However, 2010-2011 things should be great for EB3-I, as EB2-I & C would be pretty close to current (or) current.


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  • chanduv23
    03-24 04:08 PM
    Got a reply back just now

    My mail to Capital One after getting the initial response:


    Thank you for the reply.

    I am surprised by the disqualification since the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) had issued the EAD. DHS has set clear guidelines not to discriminate based on any of the authorized work documents issued by them, EAD being one of them. The I-9 form required to be filled in by every employee (citizen or otherwise) clearly mentions this.

    Are you sure CapitalOne does not allow candidates who are on EAD specially when it does not require sponsorship from the employer ?

    Response that I received for the above email:

    Thanks for your message. The information regarding Capital One's policy on pursuing EAD card holders is correct. We are only able to pursue US Citizens or Green Card holders for these roles. I'm sorry, but we won't be able to consider your candidacy at this time.

    Best Regards,


    HRs generally "quote" the policy word in every sentence they speak or write. It is a matter of interpretation. The HR may not have a decision making power and is just following what he/she is asked to do. No company has a policy that says GC or citizen, but policy can says "Authorized to work for any em ployer in the United States. I guess it is a matter of interpretation.

    The HR seems to be ill informed. Many companies do accept EAD and they are quite aware of the delays in EAD renewal - and that has rarely been the basis to reject a petition.

    If this is a trend then it is an issue to all, but if this is an isolated case then definitely you can look into places other than Capital One.

    If you want to spend time and resources you can go to a lawyer, but you have no guarantee that you will get the job there too.

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  • cougar123
    01-18 09:02 AM
    Hi I had contacted the KCC number but they said they could not provide any estimate and said I would have to contact the concerned consulate at India to check on the status.


    I read on the murthy.com website that the UCSIS needs to go through the Kentucky Consular Center to obtain the PIMS verification. The number for the KCC is 606-526-7500. I am going to try and call them to see if they can give me any information on timelines.

    For those people that have not left the US yet, it might be worth it to talk to your lawyers and see if there is any way you can have your names added to this database before you travel - that should eliminate any hassles once you leave the country. Much easier to try and do it from there rather than from here.

    There is no number to call here to check on status - I have been sending emails to mumbaiNIV@state.gov but have not received any response from them yet. Not really a surprise. If anyone tries the number above and gets some response please let the rest of us know.


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  • walking_dude
    11-03 11:09 AM
    Just 51? Only 51 members used AC21 or what?

    What will it take the rest to participate? USCIS sending denials to your address? If this campaign fails there is no one to help you if this happens.

    Send those letters ASAP

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  • rtiwari73
    10-01 10:43 PM
    Me and my wife had done finger printing on 09/10. On 09/15my wife got the clearnace from FBI and it is loaded into the system. I went to local immigration office and they did some searched and they told me that FBI loaded my finger printing detail using my social security number and not by the A number. Local IO can see the finger printing but when I called the Texas office they said they can't see the FP detail, and i tried again after some time got hold of another IO and she was able to search by my first and last name and saw in the system.

    I opened an SR got a response that my FP is not received from FBI. So confusion is some IO officer who is trying other option to do search are able to see but not all the IO and that is delaying my approval process.
    Any help or suggestion will be appreciated


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  • pd052009
    03-31 03:50 PM
    Do you mean 8K from EB5?

    Very well said.
    Based on 12K/half year, or 12K/year from EB1, say 20K be safe this year from EB1. 7K from EB2 ROW as last year, 8K from EB3, 0 from FB (EB2 get only 10k/4 last year as 10K FB is divided by Eb1/2/3/4), and normal 2.8K for EB2 I/C each (6K total), there are total 41K possibly for EB2 I/C.

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  • andy garcia
    07-10 07:43 PM
    We all know that IV is not Indian. More Indian!=All Indian. Lets not worry about it and most importantly I request IV members from all countries to ignore it as a reporter mistake as they script stories in their fashion to elicit more coverage. It is almost impossible to edit the story that has been distributed by Reuters/AP. Once its gone, its out of their hands.

    Maybe 80 -90 % Indian.:)

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  • shahuja
    02-05 04:54 PM
    hi singhv,

    no. VO said.."its approved and you should receive it by courier within a couple of days" now the embassy inquiry centre do not tell me why its delayed..i asked me them is it PIMS or some thing else..they say "sorry maam, we cannot say"
    i got no email, no slip, so i dont know if its stuck in PIMS or some checks ???

    And if its really NOT PIMS and something else, then how long does one estimate ?? how long could an administrative processing take ? how long could security check take ? how long could name check take ? etc etc..


    04-07 11:05 AM
    And then people will argue about how many arms does an octopus have :D

    We have sufficient data to predict that.... more or less. Cheers.

    08-28 08:54 PM
    My point is not everyone wud then leave Vonage and move to another service , thats how Vonage wud gain, again are u sure u read the complete fine print :P

    If they change the "contract" you agreed to initially - then you have every right to get out of the contract without any termination fees. It may take some arguing with the CS - but I know some people who have done this successfully with telephone companies like Verizone/Sprint etc when they changed some inconsequencial T&C.

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