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Monday, July 4, 2011

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  • vsoni
    07-12 07:14 AM
    This is in Gujarati local regional language.


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  • Sunx_2004
    01-07 02:12 PM
    Overcome your fears, If you don't ask answer is no. No one before July 2007 thought that dates will become current for all categories but it did happened.

    To me it seems a genuine demand, We need to bring this arguement/demand forward in very rational way keeping emotions aside.

    Remember, This is in addition to whatever we are doing to expedite the GC.


    Guys... I am all to do anything for GC, that itself is big thing..

    Anybody in this thread who support this idea and was here since 1998
    pls come forward...

    Then you really know , what it is about...

    Upto GC, it is fine to do any movement/lead..perfectly acceptable.
    But do not waste energy and aggressivness on citizenship related things. It rather damages the effort, just by adding citizenship related things.

    It is as equal as what happened in the past, that adding illegal and legal based reform in teh single capsule blowed out everything and no benefit came out finally.

    i am asking you guys in this thread...
    who support this idea and was here since 1998 or atleast from 2000
    (Pls note you shd have started your GC process on or before 2000. Then you know the things.
    If you came in 1998 and started GC just 1 or 2 years back..You may not be knowing the reality.)
    pls come forward...

    I am not questioning or discouraging your intentions/enthu/aggressiveness...

    I am asking not to waste the energy on useless things.
    Pls concentrate on GC related things which will benefit everybody.

    People laugh for the resolutions you suggested , if they can be proposed to any legislative member.

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  • ronhira
    06-18 11:20 AM
    There is nothing called h1b jobs. There is no job reserved for someone on h1b. So to say that people on l1 are taking h1b jobs is kind of funny.

    At the same time, that anti-immigrant l1fraud is here to scare people and is against the community. But because most people here are not on L1, so most people are agreeing with l1fraud user. As if L1 folks are getting ahead of us, and L1 folks are taking our jobs, same mentality and outlook as that of the disgruntled programmers at programmers guild. Maybe there is nothing wrong about that because, humans as species have always behaved as part of the food chain, eating and living on the ones below us. Likewise, people here just want to blame someone else for their problems, including delay in GCs, on others on L1. So the entire focus of this thread is "l1fraud". From time to time, some anti-immigrant or someone from another site come in and divide people here without much of an effort, that we are just a bunch of losers, yes that's right, people who play into the hands of anti-immigrants and people who play into the designs of the agents of other agenda's are nothing but losers. Lets get back to blaming someone else for our problems. That's the best policy, keep it up.

    Disclaimer-I'm not on L1 and I am not a damn fool.

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  • mrsr
    06-26 06:20 PM
    i just PM you can u please see and reply

    I am filing things on my own. I have one question.

    Can i only file for AP when dates are current or i could file for AP before a travel?


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  • SunJoshi
    12-31 03:22 PM
    Hey Guyz,
    Nice to see the heroes of the last fight together again. I was a little confused with the different forums but looks better now. The PDF doc link above for Comprehensive Immigration Bill (Feb-06) is not working can you please post the full link.

    Best regards,


    Irshad welcome!
    Gear up for another dogfight :-)

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  • speddi
    08-14 07:17 AM
    Check with your lawyers. It should be easy to get an amended approval notice or atleast a letter from USCIS that it is okay.

    Thank you, attorney said it is OK, there should not be an issue at all.


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  • WaldenPond
    01-08 02:12 PM
    I must say y'all are doing a commendable job. I have contributed $$ and would do so more in the future if needed.

    I remember Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist saying that the comprehensive immigration reform bill will be handled in February 2006. Is the schedule still the same. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hope that everyone of us stuck in this immigration hell-hole will get a relief from the comprehensive immigration reform bills that (hopefully) will be passed in 02/06.

    Thank you.

    Hello PD073102VA,

    Thank You for the contribution, positive feeback and encouragement. Please check you private message.


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  • abhijitp
    07-31 02:59 PM
    Pappu, special thanks for researching this topic, and posting updates regularly.

    Last week I too consulted a high profile (about $200 per 15 minutes... you should be able to guess, I am not sure I am alowed to mention the name) lawyer to discuss this issue. To give you a brief background, my lawyer did not include the Employment Verification letter
    1) He told me that he would re-submit the AOS. The comparison to the medical clearance requirement, according to him, was pointless, as they are two different things. If USCIS issues a statement they will not reject solely based on the EVL, then we can assume that is the truth. Their statement on Medical clearance cannot be interpreted to say they won't reject on the basis of another missing requirement, say the EVL.
    2) Filing two AOS packets can indeed also cause confusion, but it is a smaller risk according to him, and should be mitigated by a covering letter that says you are re-submitting to provide the XYZ document that was missed from the first packet.

    Based on this info, I have asked my lawyer to get a confirmation from the USCIS on the document that he missed in my case-- the EVL. If USCIS okays that, we do not resubmit. If they don't do that within a week, I will try to re-submit... not going to be easy considering my lawyer may not be in agreement... but that is what would be the correct way out of this, according to the second opinion I got last week.



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  • brb2
    08-19 10:57 PM
    The link is related to the fingerprinting background check. Almost 100% of the time the automated system returns an FBI record (an existance or not of a "rap sheet"). Only in rare cases when the finger prints are not clear USCIS sends a new FP notice.

    The issue here is the FBI name check which returns less than 68% in the automated response. Around 32% of cases (485/n400) are delayed of which less than 1% really may have a negative record most of which are reported by IBIS and finger print check.

    FOIPA only provides main file check report (not reference file report) which in any case is worthless for most applicants who have never committed a crime but are stuck in the name check due to a flawed soundex alogirthm that is applied for both roman based and non roman based names. Invariably Indians, Chinese, Arabs and Russians (and slavic names) are caught up disprortionately.

    Mr. has been lately tightening the screws and USCIS has to report in the next 30 days the response to his anual report to congress where he listed the FBI name check as the most pervasive problem affecting 485 and naturalization applicants and the fact that name check backlog grew by over 100,000 in 2006.

    Name check dissproportionately affects Indians, Chinese, Russians, slavs, Arabs and Muslims.


    Here is some information nixstor dug up.


    One can get FBI Identification Record for $18. However some more research needs to be done about what is covered here. Obviously, one cannot get sensitive data analysis here that is done by name checks.

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  • buddyinsd
    09-10 01:50 AM
    Yes, USCIS works backwards, dont you see, mar 2005 is still waiting while May 2006 getting approved? There is no pattern even to the approval statuses, god only knows how they work.

    Cheer up man!!!Atleast, good news is that u will be current for the 4th consecutive month


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  • never_giveup
    09-10 10:41 AM
    Called almost everyone on the list and urged for support.

    To all others like me, who are hesitant and are not sure about the talking points. Below is something that can help.

    You would most likely be talking to a person taking messages and not the congressman/woman directly.
    And you also dont have to explain them the details of the bill, as they are very well aware of it. All you have to tell them is it is about HR5882.

    After one or 2 calls, my message was standardized and this is what I used in all the calls.

    Good Morning. I am calling in regards to the bill HR5882. (Pause for the other person to give you a go ahead and then continue). I would like to express my support for the bill and would like to request the support of Congressman/woman for the bill. If you can pass the message to the Congressman/Woman, that will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You and have a Great Day.

    Some of the offices will ask you for your phone number and address, go ahead and give it to them. No harm.

    And some might ask you where you are calling them from. My reply to them was - I am calling from the state of VA. I also reached out to my district's congressman, but also wanted to request the support of Congressman XXXX and so am calling your office.

    I was initially hesitant and was not sure as to how to put it together, but it was real eazy and quick. After some calls, I even called up people who do not suppor this like Steve King, etc. It was only a matter of a call and letting them know our opinion. All that I lost was 2 minutes of my time and no money for my unlimited phone plan.

    Not sure how much help it will be, but surely cannot hurt. It would atleast draw their attention due to the large call volume. Yes, some offices told me that they were receiving lot of calls for this bill.

    So go on... do your part.

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  • apb
    10-06 05:46 PM
    Hi apb..

    Good to see that there is some activity going on our cases..i got the response form USCIS saying that "the case is pending at the USCIS office" dose this means they transfered the case to local office? or still at NBC..dose your message says that the your case has been transfered to "local USCIS office" or just "USCIS office"?..

    My online status says transferred to USCIS office, BUT the mail I got in response to my lost application inquiry stated LOCAL uscis office and that you will be called for interview whenever they are ready.


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  • pappu
    06-21 08:14 AM
    Another answer from Rajiv Khanna: on multiple 485s
    I recommend both husband wife file for yourselves and for each other. So between the two , there will be four 485 applications. One: Wife as primary, husband as derivative. Second, husband as primary and wife as derivative. We do this all the time and this is the safest thing to do. You will keep whichever 485 set gets approved, first, the other will be rejected by CIS.

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  • godbless
    01-16 10:02 AM
    My attorney is asking for my I 94 to file for my h1 extension that is expiring in June 2007. Which I 94 should I give him the one that I currently have which says Parole till 01/26/2007 or the one thay I got with my h1 approval notice earlier that says H1 valid till 06/2007??


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  • senthil1
    01-06 06:06 PM
    It is excellent idea to get citizenship before getting GC. Is it possible? Nothing wrong in trying. But main aim should be getting GC reform. Like this only everyone including IV started in 2005. In 2006 High skilled immigration groups including IV and Corporations lobbied for unlimited GC and unlimited H1b for masters in STEM from India and for all Master Degree from USA. After realizing the practical situation every year diluted the numbers and all of them lobbied for just recapture bill in 2008. Finally nothing was acheived in GC. You can try this idea also but better cautious that it should not impact GC reform.


    Why do you even need a GC, my friend. Stick with H1B visa. the only difference between GC and H1 is independence of employer and why do you even bother about it. You can always get a job where you want, buy a house now, sell it tomorrow, then after 6 years, go out for a year, come back on new H1.
    As I said, people here are highly motivated and do want to follow the rules and achieve bigger things in lives, creating value in the process. But not many are willing to wait for 5 more precious years, after your greencard takes 10 years. Or 15 years on GC and 5 years for Citizenship. Once you work very hard, then you tend to ask for the right fruit, not just take anything.And whatever the Citizenship requirements are.. they will be met while waiting for theis damn GC..
    I am just hitting at the attitude.. not person.. sorry...
    Assume your school makes your 4 year course extended to 6 years and in the process makes you do a lot more..What do you ask at the end of it. 4 year degree or a 4+2 year degree.. .something similar..

    Remember the lambi race ka goda.. He didnt pick the coin tossed at him.. anyone.. which movie.. ???

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  • aat0995
    08-07 09:42 AM
    First of all let me tell you that I am EB2 with MS from a US university. However, I do not agree to your terms! This is just not fair. If a person filed under eb3 at a point then he/she should be able to transfer it to EB2 using the same old dates. What is the problem with that mate? After all they are waiting since a long time just like us!


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  • abd
    09-16 04:35 PM
    Got Card Production Ordered today..

    Priority Date - Nov 2005, EB2

    Got an RFE last month, approved after RFE was responded..

    Can u please share your RFE Details? I recetnly received RFE and preparing the documents.

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  • abuddyz
    01-30 08:31 AM
    I have a WAC number and petition approved in Feb 07. Stuck here for 1 month, 18 days and counting. I called DOS and didn't receive a positive response. Will try calling KCC tomorrow.


    Good luck to you.. I understand it is really frustrating... and they don't really care for us.

    if more people post their details then we might be able to conclude something.. there are always exceptions so it is very difficult to figure out.. (well, it might be possible that there is no pattern but if we get more details of more cases then we can think something... after all we can't do anything apart from this ...:mad: )

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  • Hunter
    05-11 12:20 AM
    Oh there is no corruption in western democracies. :) LOL

    Iraq war had no corruption
    Halliburton deal had no corruption,
    AIG had no corruption, BOA , Citi had no corruption.
    Lobbying had no corruption
    The texas cops who took money were not corrupt.
    Abu Ghraib was very morally correct.
    Blackwater was a very level headed company.

    Did all this happen in some communist eastern state?

    Hey Moro1n, the difference is, most americans agree that things are going wrong. We don't whitewash what happened unlike what your compatriots are trying to do here, when someone brings up corruption in India. I cited surveys by international agencies that make comparisons that consider a number of factors, not by anecdotal evidence based on a few high profile news stories.

    Wasn't most of these corruption stories broken and pursued by american media itself? Didn't republicans lose power in 2006/2008 elections?

    11-25 03:53 PM
    (8) Instead of land, the above applies to stocks as well.

    (9) The actual worth of land or stocks depend largely on supply and demand

    No siree Bob, there is a world of difference in Stock and Land/Real Estate. The value of your land is primarily driven by emotions and other intangible benefits.
    But Stocks are generally driven by future earnings and their value determined by P/E. When you buy a stock in a company: You are buying a future earnings in the form of dividend and an equity in the company. The board, CEO and employees of the company helps you get returns in your investment. For a real estate no one works towards your equity except may be you in backyard or your real estate broker.

    I am not saying stocks are not subject to supply and demand. They indeed are as any other commodity that is traded in a market place. But value of stocks can be more assessed fairly from balance sheet and income statement thus investment is more predictable. What differentiates stock from real estate one is how the value of each is assessed.

    08-07 01:18 PM
    Yes, I agree that not filing GC earlier is not an excuse for MBA. The point is he still would have been in the same situation (EB3, 2003 is not too different from EB2, 2005) in terms of how fast he will get his GC.

    The law would allow him to port his EB3 PD just like how it is doing now. he will not be in the same situation, isn't this better now?

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