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Monday, July 4, 2011

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images transformed Andy Murray. andy murray shirtless. Andy Murray – Socialite
  • Andy Murray – Socialite

  • chanduv23
    11-12 02:46 PM
    Those who are willing to provide their denial info (no name or address - everything can be scratched - just the letter), please send PM to pd_recapturing

    Those who received Ombudsman responses to send denial info - please contact pd_recapturing via a PM (private message)

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  • amitjoey
    07-11 02:03 AM

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  • hair Andy Murray Scotlands

  • satishku_2000
    07-10 01:15 PM
    Everyone knows that increasing green card numbers will be best solution. In that also if we ask too much we may not get anything. Double the number of annual Gc plus exclude dependents will be enough for reducing retrogession but that may not eliminate. But waiting period of 2 to 3 years can be reasonable for most people. I am sure one more chance will come for increasing H1b numbers. That time we can try for GC increase also.

    But I am supporting the flower Campaign for protesting the VB mess up though it will not solve the problem

    Everyone knows what solves the problem , I was asking about to how to acheive them . What are your suggestions to acheive those goals. You seem to have a problem with everything everyone suggests or does. What are your concrete ideas to acheive our goals.

    The problem is not about waiting , Problem is unpredictability about waiting , Can you tell me when will my sep 2004 PD will become current? I think I will meet your threshhold of 3 years sooner rather than later ...

    Did you send flowers by the way?

    You said ". That time we can try for GC increase also. " , How do you want us to try?

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  • andy murray shirtless.

  • pappu
    08-19 03:11 PM
    Here is some information nixstor dug up.


    One can get FBI Identification Record for $18. However some more research needs to be done about what is covered here. Obviously, one cannot get sensitive data analysis here that is done by name checks.


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  • hairstyles Andy Murray

  • miapplicant
    11-14 04:23 PM
    I did.


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  • A Shirtless Andy Murray Heats

  • Saralayar
    01-06 09:39 PM
    Can any one take a lead on this and volunteer?. As I am not an expert in it, I am asking any of the members of IV to take initiative. We will support in what ever way..
    Want to keep this alive...



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  • pictures Andy Murray; Andy

  • pappu
    06-25 11:23 AM
    ............Expanding on my previous posts.
    One more thing.
    If you decide to apply multiple 485s with each other as dependents, then file just one first. Wait. Gets its A number and put that number in the other application. This way you will cover one pitfall of multiple filing. It will not cause confusion at USCIS end. Now This will not completely eliminate all risks in multiple filing. There have been cases in the past where when you inquire the status of one application, you will get the status of other. And if the PD of other is new, you can get stuck in a blackhole and will either have to wait for USCIS to sort it out or keep trying other ways to solve it. One of the reasons for delay (rightly put by Murthy) is -- when an application is adjudicated by a CIS officer, if the officer sees that there are other files open for the same individual, the officer will not adjudicate that application until that officer has all of the files in existence for that individual. This causes significant delays and confusion in adjudication.
    Also do not apply EAD and AP on both. This is commonsense. But just mentioning it here in case..
    I also researched the option of CP on one and regular 485 on other. While CP looks attractive, there are lot of risks. I have a big document on this. Overall I would not recommend this to anyone who wants to play safe.
    Even multiple filing option should be pursued by critically evaluating your own situation. See how much you and your wife have secure jobs. How new are your PDS. What catagories do you belong to. Do not just apply because you have money to throw away. If throwing money gives you peace of mind, then by all means give it to the lawyers to file I485.

    Again. There is nothing right or wrong. Multple filing is only good for very specific cases to have a safety net. This is what I have found till now.

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  • transformed Andy Murray.

  • slowwin
    08-07 02:20 PM
    I think IF we stress for FIFO principle then jumping lines , ships will be taken care of by themselves. let RD be used and PD recaPture request date on the letter be RD.


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  • I know Andy Murray needs to

  • priderock
    07-01 11:25 AM
    Lets say DOS revises bulletin on july 2, does that mean applications recieved on july 2 are accepted and all applications recieved after 2 will be rejected or will USCIS reject all applications recieved on july 2 also.

    I don't think any one knows the answer at this point. But I think it is better to mail applications until you see the bulletin (and dates go back). Nothing to loose except the courier fee. If USCIS want to return the applications so be it, at least you have a chance just in case they accept some (to some date).

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  • andy murray shirtless 2011

  • jsb
    09-17 04:29 PM
    Got all receipts a few mins ago.

    Jul 2nd
    Barrett 10:25am
    I140 approved at NSC over a year ago.

    NSC was supposed to have finished with July 2 long time ago. We thought it was late only when NSC to TSC transfer is involved.


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  • 2010 andy murray shirtless

  • yabadaba
    01-08 09:16 AM
    For those wanting to personalize it a little bit.

    The Honorable George W. Bush
    President of the United States
    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20510

    Dear Mr. President:

    I write today to urge you to fix America’s broken legal employment-based immigration system. Currently, more than 500,000 skilled individuals who contribute to the American economy through their hard work in high technology, scientific research, medicine and other fields find themselves trapped in a process that is hopelessly backlogged. If nothing is done, hundreds of thousands of immigrants will wait years or even decades in a process that was never intended to take so long. While comprehensive change will require legislative action, your administration can implement administrative remedies to improve America’s competitiveness, eliminate bureaucratic inefficiencies, and improve our quality of life.

    <insert personal blurb here>

    Attracting and retaining the best and brightest minds from around the world is in America’s best interest. In February 2006, your Domestic Policy Council issued a report on the American Competitiveness Initiative that recognized the importance of employment-based immigration. The report stated:

    “The President also recognizes that enabling the world's most talented and hardest-working individuals to put their skills to work for America will increase our entrepreneurship and our international competitiveness, and will net many high-paying jobs for all Americans. The United States benefits from our ability to attract and retain needed immigrant and non-immigrant students and workers, and it is important that America remains competitive in attracting talented foreign nationals.”

    You can advance your stated objective by making common-sense administrative reforms to fix a system that is clearly broken.

    Implementing much-needed reforms will also free government resources to focus on pressing national security matters. For example, current rules require the Department of Homeland Security to renew the Employment Authorization Documents (EADs) of hundreds of thousands of legal immigrants each year as those immigrants wait for green cards and permanent residency in the U.S. Rather than renew these EADs annually, the government could renew these documents every three years, freeing countless hours that could be better spent serving the Department’s mission.

    The greatest impact of the broken green card process is borne by the legal immigrants and their families. The more than half million highly-skilled legal immigrants already working productively in the United States find themselves trapped in a system that is taking years longer than intended. During this wait for a green card, these immigrants remain trapped in a legal maze, unable to change jobs – even within the same employer – without starting the arduous immigration process over again, and subject to waits that grow longer and longer.

    We implore you to exercise your authority to implement administratively these much-needed reforms.

    • Recapture administratively the unused visas for permanent residency to fulfill the congressional mandate of 140,000 green cards per year.

    • Revise the administrative definition of “same or similar” to allow slight additional job flexibility for legal immigrants awaiting adjudication of adjustment of status (I-485) petitions.

    • Allow filing of Adjustment of Status (Form I-485) when a visa number is not available.

    • Implement the existing interim rule to allow issuance of multi-year Employment Authorization Documents (EAD) and Advance Parole.

    • Allow visa revalidation in the United States.

    • Reinstate premium processing of Immigrant Petitions.

    I urge you to implement these administrative remedies without delay. Action is urgently needed to fulfill your stated goal of attracting and retaining highly-skilled legal immigrants from around the world, eliminating bureaucratic inefficiency, and improving the lives of future Americans already living and working legally in the United States.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter.


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  • fatjoe
    10-24 11:04 PM
    I couldn't believe. Got CPO and Welcoming New Resident emails for me and my son after 10 years.
    All Glory and Praise to my Lord Jesus Christ.
    Got the Text message on my mobile on Thursday Oct 22, at 7:45 pm. But didn't see it until 23rd morning at 9:00 am. Went to church on Thursday morning, and Friday morning, and prayed ardently. Came out of the church, and just opened my cell phone, and saw the text message from uscis saying "Your case # is updated. check 'My case status' on USCIS Home Page (http://www.uscis.gov)... ".
    Got the email also on Thursday evening, but saw only on Friday morning.
    Mine is at TSC, spouse's moved to local USCIS a few months back, for an interview.
    Went to local uscis at 3:35, but it was closed. Hope my spouse's case also approved soon by the end of this week.

    Thanks a bunch to IV, will continue to give my support to IV.

    Cali: I called that # and spoke to the rep..
    @ fatjoe

    I am not getting through. It just keeps ringing. Has anyone called Ombudsman number and got to speak to anyone?



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  • 485Mbe4001
    05-17 04:08 PM
    Thanks, i will send them and email.
    No, It is not for 140 and i wasnt asked for it when i appliedway back in 2002.

    I didn't experience getting a duplicate certificate, but I think you can try the following service to get such certificate.


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  • like_watching_paint_dry
    01-27 11:04 AM
    If you had followed the thread most people are suggesting to avoid this place rather than to fight them. Don't you get that point ?

    How is charging different amounts for the same kind of visa and refusing to correct the mistake OP's personal responsibility ?

    Correct. We need to boycott them when they become unreasonable. A great man once moved an entire nation to do just that for a much greater purpose and it delivered results just over 60 years ago.

    In a global world, if they choose to remain racist, ignorant and unreasonable, then my $ goes elsewhere. Vote with your wallets and boycott these Brits.


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  • deba
    01-24 12:49 PM
    Travelling via London Gatwick and Dubai to India and back. No airport change required during transit. Using AP, visa expired. I have a valid Canada PR card.
    According to UK embassy US GC and Canada PR card holders do not need transit for direct airside transit. Does anyone have any experience in this situation? Please post. Thanks

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  • andy murray shirtless.

  • logiclife
    06-15 02:32 PM
    Hi Friends,

    I am really sick and tired of my attorney. He is making money out of immigrants but he does not like immigrants based on our dicussion.
    I think we are very well educated and can easily take care of 485 filing.
    My attorney will charge me at least $3000 for it although I got his referral from AILA. On top of that he delays filing my PERM and 140 and having serious attitude problem.
    I can easily take care of 485 filing by myself.
    My only and great concern is- Is my attorney can screw up my GC processing if I fire him and file 485 on my own?

    Your Thoughts..


    I doubt that the lawyer would purposely hurt a former client. Its not just unethical, its really malpractice. And its not like lawyers done get fired and they cant handle getting fired.

    However, please do make sure that you have all documents that you need to do your own 485 filing. If there are some documents like 140 approval or other stuff that only he has, then you will have to get it out of him, which he just might delay (a little) in case if he is an absolute nut job.

    For me, I dont care what the lawyer thinks of immigrants as long as the job is done in a TIMELY manner without mistakes. If he hates immigrants and votes for Jeff Sessions, I dont care about it. All I want is TIMELINESS and ERROR FREE job. After that, he can hate anyone he wants and stick pins in voodoo dolls of immigrants.


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  • McLuvin
    04-24 03:40 PM
    So Guys...

    This is something really cheap of you people to think.....

    I read a lot of posts where they mentioned that chuck should proceed with the bill.... so that small desi companies dont perish and that will stop abusing the H1B program...

    I really dont understand that no one condemed that remark.. Guys who work in big companies are safe by this rule... So what happens to the one sustaining the so called abuses and remaining intact to get their GC's

    No wonder we are not able to make progress as much as those illegal immi's do...

    Way to go guys... This kind of spirit will take us to great highs


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  • pani_6
    08-21 07:32 PM
    I have not seen any place where the change the rules of the Games inbetween..So for EB-3's of early 2000..we were expecting GC's in 2-4 years and EB-2 in 1-3 years..we didnt see any big difference here..ok we said we can apply in EB-3 and wait a year longer...

    If we knew that DOL would suddenly change the rules..there was no reason for us to apply in EB-3..we could have looked for another job or convinced our manager to apply to apply in EB-2..if the situation could turn so dire as we know now..Now look at the new guys..they will never apply in EB-3..even the lawyers will advise thier clients to apply in EB-2..so the old intrepretation should remain for the older cases and new interpretation for cases when USCIS decided to change the interpretation...


    There is no ambiguity in law. The law is clear. One law (and one rule) should yield one interpretation. If someone interperting the languge of law differently; then that is their mistake. Thats what DOS was doing in between 2001 and 2006. This could be possible for them because no one was going after DOS. Now somehow they realized (or some affected applicants notified DOS). If the old practice is a result of correct interpretation of law, why they should change now? This is very high sensitive area; DOS might have not changed their practice without risk analysis. They should not care about how much retrogression in India; They should only care about implementing the law correctly, as becuase they are executive branch of government not legislative branch to worry about retrogression.

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  • pvadiga
    11-03 12:09 AM
    Sent the letters. Thanks

    10-01 05:19 PM
    Got the card production ordered e-mail!!..

    01-11 01:53 PM

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